Judicial CP – April 1883

The Pictorial World, London, 14 April 1883


A young gentleman possessing the peculiarly appropriate name of Savage was on Monday charged at the Worship Street Police Court with stabbing another boy in the back. The amiable youth, who is doubtless well read in the penny literature of the Dick Turpin’s school, was possibly looked upon as quite an adventurous young hero by his playmates. However, the magistrate sentenced him to the ignominious punishment of six stripes with a birch-rod.

Although the sentence cannot be altogether looked upon as a flea-bite, yet it was far too light a one taking all the circumstances into consideration. Mr Savage ought at least to have suffered two separate floggings, for the ardour he displayed in imitating the London-Italian fashion of Saffron Hill. The birch, like many other so-called things, is not of much use unless there is plenty of it.