Give us a good hiding

Judicial CP – June 1953

Corpun file 5550


Daily Mirror, London, 13 June 1953


Give us a good hiding

THE older generation is to blame for the increase in juvenile delinquents, not teenagers themselves. If those who brought us up had given us a jolly good hiding when we deserved it, we might have more respect for them — and the law.

Parents who can’t control their children have only themselves to blame.

— John Ballard (16 years), Black Notley Hospital, Braintree, Essex.

Truant Treatment

A GOOD flogging until they scream for mercy, followed by a stiff sentence, should be given to those who illtreat their defenceless children.

A mere fine of a few pounds, such as was imposed on the father of Michael Roe for assaulting the boy for playing truant, is not enough.

— Believer in Justice, Birmingham.