Current Events

By John Junor



IN WHAT was once a peaceful public park in Upton Lane, West Ham, London, an old man is set on and robbed by about 20 youths. And in broad daylight.

Nor is there anything the slightest bit unusual about the incident.

According to the deputy park superintendent, violence is a daily occurrence. Old people are terrified to enter the park. Youths — mainly West Indians — pull seats from under them, surround them and rob them. A park foreman has been kicked in the teeth. Staff attacked with iron bars.

And all this not six miles from the House of Commons.

Aren’t we off our nuts to let it continue?

The local community relations officer says he plans to organise ball games for the youths.

Would Mr. Bonham Carter accuse me of being a reactionary and a racialist if I were to say that a damned sight better idea would be to organise the swish of the birch on a few black bottoms?