Birch for boy of 13

Broke Into Churches

Press cuttingA 13-year-old boy is to receive four strokes of the birch under an order made to-day at Margate Juvenile Court. Use of the birch has not been made at Margate for about 20 years. The boy pleaded guilty to breaking into three churches, stealing from an offertory box and breaking into a house.


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The Times, London, 17 April 1947, p.2

Birch for robbers

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For robbery with arms at Brixton three of a gang of four men were at the Central Criminal Court yesterday ordered to be birched. PETER JOHNSON, a coloured seaman, of Trent Road, Brixton, was sentenced to 11 months’ imprisonment and 15 strokes of the birch; ALFRED WILLIAM KNIGHT, 20, soldier, of Trematon House, Kennington, nine months and 12 strokes; his brother, CYRIL JOHN KNIGHT, 24, fitter, of Myatt Road, Brixton, stated to be unfit for corporal punishment, to 18 months; and RONALD BELL, 17, toolmaker, also of Brixton, to Borstal and 12 strokes.

They all pleaded “Guilty” to being armed with an automatic pistol and together robbing George Sidney Judges, aged 66 and lame, of £132 at his shop in Vassall Road, Brixton.

ERIC WILLIAM HANSON, 23, barman, was at the Central Criminal Court yesterday sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment and 12 strokes of the cat, and ALFRED CHRISTOPHER FOY, 21, labourer, was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment and 12 strokes of the birch, for robbing Emily Henri, 78, of Gloucester Street, Victoria, of 30s. with violence, to which they pleaded “Guilty.”

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Evening News, London, 17 April 1947

‘Savage Attack’ On Police Matron

Labourer who Robbed her ‘Deserved Birch’

FOR robbing with violence Mrs. Caroline Ellmer, a police matron, as she was walking along a lonely path known as Lovers’-lane, Finchley, Joseph Henry Stacy, aged 22, labourer, was at the Old Bailey to-day sent to prison for two years.

He was found guilty of what the Recorder (Sir Gerald Dodson) described as a “savage attack upon an unsuspecting woman.” He added: “If you were fit for the birch, I should not hesitate to order you to be birched.”

Evidence was given that Mrs. Ellmer, who lives at Nether Court-avenue, West Finchley, was on her way home from a cinema when she was hit on the head and seriously injured. She was unable to identify her assailant. Stacy was found to have her handbag.