Why Mikey Likes Eating At Home II

Despite the fact that her kids were arguing all day, Sandy took them out to dinner at the steak place because she didn’t feel like cooking. She hated the summer, and wondered why there wasn’t school all year long. A single mother, Sandy had a great job in advertising that permitted her to work more at home than the office, especially handy during school vacation or when a child gets sick. This also means she doesn’t get a lot of breaks from the bickering and fighting that goes on between the siblings. Even though the youngest goes to day camp and the older two like to swim they still find time to argue. This means mom’s work is often interrupted when she has to step out of her office/study to reprimand someone or place the occasional child over her knee to maintain the peace. After securing promises from her three children that they would behave, they all set out for dinner. Sandy, Karen 14, Mikey 12, and Tami 11, all took their accustomed seats in the van and off they went. Before Sandy even made the first turn at the corner of the street Tami and Mikey were arguing. Sandy inhaled deeply, she was going to say something, but she was determined to have a good night, she just reminded the kids of their promise to behave and kept driving. The rest of the ride was uneventful. At the steak place they purchased the food and set off to find a table and hit the salad and condiment bar. Tami and Mikey started in again and Mikey placed broccoli on Tami’s plate. She hates the vegetable and threw it at Mikey, who threw it back across the salad bar and threw some jalapeno pepper slices as well. Tami jumped, up ending her tray and sending her dinner and drink to the floor. Sandy gave money to Tami to buy a new hamburger and sent Karen off to bring the other three trays to a table. Sandy took her son to the lady’s rest room and with no regard that there were other women inside pulled him inside. “I can’t believe you! You promised that you’d behave but you’ve been fighting with your sisters all night long.” Sandy reached into her purse and took out her hairbrush. The women of the family all had long, luxurious hair that necessitated a good heavy duty brush. In this case the brush had a large oval wood head with heavy rubber bristles. Sandy, however, didn’t bring her teenage son into the lady’s room in order to brush his hair. With total disregard that the room had about six women in it Sandy turned her son to face the wall and started to spank him with the hairbrush. The heavy brush landed three times before Mikey started to cry. Mikey had a chubby bottom, not fat but not skinny, and the brush covered the meaty part of each bottom cheek perfectly. Alternating cheeks the brush landed first on the left side, then the right. After six spanks, which sounded like pistol fire in the tile bathroom, the door to the large handicap stall opened. A girl about Mikey’s age came out and Sandy seized the opportunity to take her son inside, jumping ahead of several women who didn’t even think of complaining. Shutting the door, but not taking the time to latch it, Sandy dragged Mikey over to the toilet. Sandy was going to sit on the toilet and put Mikey over her lap, but the toilet seat had no lid. “Pull down your pants!” Sandy ordered. “But mom, not here…” Mikey protested. “You should have thought of that before. You had too many warnings. Now take down your pants, or I’ll take them off for you!” Sandy warned. “But mom, the door…” “OK, I’ll take them off for you.” Sandy interrupted her son. She took a step forward, determined to punish Mikey. “No. NO. I’ll do it.” Blushing and looking away from the half open door Mikey loosened his belt, then lowered his pants and underwear to just below his bottom, the lower part of his cheeks still concealed. Sandy pulled him to the side of the stall and had Mikey bend over and grab the handicap rail, his head leaning into the pink metal wall. With her left hand she lowered his pants from just below his bottom all the way to his knees, gravity took over from there and the pants fell another four or five inches. Sandy took up position on the side of her son, pulling him into her hip. Mikey’s bare bottom was visible to the women and girls who congregated around the door. Sandy started again with the brush, if the spanks sounded like the crack of a pistol with his pants up, they sounded like shotgun blasts on his bare bottom. Mikey’s bottom was already an impressive shade of red from the first six spanks. Each time his mother delivered another spank with the big wood hairbrush Mikey’s bottom would wiggle about and turn yet another shade of red. The women and girls looking from the partially ajar door saw the brush land, the impact leaving a big white oval, they saw the punished cheek shake from side to side and then watched as a flood of red filled the white oval. Mikey was crying like a baby from the first bare bottom spank. A total of fourteen spanks were delivered to the boy’s backside, the last eight with his pants down. Sandy stepped away from Mikey relaxing her grip on the boy. As she stepped away she revealed part of the boy he would have preferred to remain private. Mikey stayed bent over and Sandy inspected her handiwork, suddenly Sandy turned around. She saw five mothers who all looked her in the eye and nodded approval in unison. They didn’t know what the boy did, but they all agreed with her method of dealing with it. There were five little girls who were also staring silently, partially at the shock of seeing a boy’s bare bottom, partially at seeing a bare bottom that has been spanked so thoroughly red. Mikey continued to cry, until he heard a mother mention to her eight year old daughter who had watched the punishment with due awe, “You see what happens to naughty children. Even in public children sometimes have to spanked.” Mikey jumped and realized that he was naked between the bottom of his shirt the tops of his socks, and from this angle not just his burning backside was on display. He straightened up immediately, turning his back to the door and squatted down to pull up his pants and underwear. Mikey wailed anew at the revelation of what he was revealing and ran to his mother, hugging her tightly and crying into her sweater, her breasts resting on top of his head. She hugged him back, the brush still in her right hand, a tear in her eye. The crowd dispersed now that the show was over and Sandy scolded her son anew. After Mikey was calm and the crying stopped, Sandy put the brush back in her purse. They stopped at the door and Sandy said, “I don’t want to spank you Mikey, but sometimes you leave me with no choice. Now we’re going to go outside and finish our dinner. It hurts me to have to hurt you like this, but if you keep fighting with your sisters I’ll spank you again.” “OK ma.” Mikey replied weakly, not trusting his voice to say more for fear he’d cry again. They left the women’s room to the gaze of many people in the restaurant. When they found the table that Karen picked out Mikey saw that two of the girls who were in the bathroom and saw him get spanked were sitting at the table across from theirs, and his seat faced their table. He was embarrassed and had some difficulty sitting comfortably at the table, despite the upholstery. Mikey couldn’t eat, he just sipped at his soda. Mikey tried to ignore his sisters’ questions to his mother about how he was spanked, with what, pants up or down; he also had to try not to hear his mother’s frank answers. She was perfectly candid about how she punished Mikey, and spared not one detail, so now his sisters knew as well. At least he could console himself that they didn’t see. He tried to avoid the gaze of the ladies and girls who stared at him throughout the meal. Mikey heard the buzz of conversation sweep through the restaurant as everyone talked about his punishment, and most embarrassingly, his bare bottom cheeks. The two girls from the other table were about Mikey’s age, one a little older, the other a little younger, and they kept whispering to their parents about seeing Mikey’s “naked hiney.” Karen started talking to the girls from the other table and together they began to antagonize Mikey. The embarrassment became too much and he told his sister to stop and leave him alone. Younger Tami began telling the girls about the other spankings he has gotten and about how he always cries and cries. Sandy told the girls to leave their brother alone but Karen wouldn’t stop talking to the girl from the other table. Mikey finally tired of it and he pulled his Karen’s hair and shouted “Mom said SHUT UP!” Karen yelped and cried out, “Mommy help. It hurts!” “MIKEY! Let go of Karen.” Sandy reprimanded her son. “And you,” Sandy was now talking to her oldest daughter, “I asked you to stop it too. Do you want me to start telling everyone about your spankings?” After a brief pause Sandy continued, “I didn’t think so.” Sandy took out the hairbrush and snapped it loudly onto the table. “Now if there is any more teasing or fighting I’ll take each and every one of you over my knees and spank you with your pants down RIGHT HERE AT THE TABLE!” Dinner was finished in silence and they all choose to leave without any dessert. Sandy left the hairbrush on the table until they were standing up to leave, just as a reminder for her children to be good. The family departed under the gaze of the restaurant’s patrons, most of them whispering about Mikey’s punishment. And that’s why Mikey prefers to have his dinner, and his spankings, at home.