Who’s the hardest Spanker, Mum or Dad?

Having been spanked by both parents I can honestly say that mothers’ spankings were far worse than fathers’.

Father used to give me a set number of whacks usually about twelve with a plimsoll,

However mothers’ was a very different story.

She took over my spankings because she thought my father was not strict enough.

It was always the same routine,

Upstairs to her bedroom,

a long lecture then the main event,

she,d pull out the chair from her dressing table,

then take me across her knee then she,d roast my backside with her large wooden hairbrush,

I used to howl more than I ever did with Father.

Shed administer anything from twenty minimum to fifty whacks

My backside was on fire for hours after she,d finished with me.


In my case, the most painful spankings were from Dad.

Mom used to start really hard, fearing that she had no strength to get the message across.

But her weak point was that when we started to cry in pain the spanking was over,

she could not stand hearing us crying.

Instead, when Dad had made up his mind we need a spanking

,it was a very good one.

No tears could stop him to finish the job.

so he will deliver his huge bedroom slipper to my bottom.

I would choose three Mom spankings in a row instead of a serious one from my Dad.

On the other hand

,he used to spank us less often because he was at work most of the time.