The Hairbrush in the Kitchen

As a young boy growing up in Ireland, I was no stranger to a trip over my mother’s knee for a dose of her hairbrush. My mum was strict but fair and I can say that every spanking I got – apart from one – I thoroughly deserved.

The most memorable chastisement with my mother’s hairbrush I recall was when a female friend of hers came round to our house.  At the time I was showing off a bit, which did not please Mum at all and she told me in no uncertain terms to ‘cease the behavior instantly’.

Unfortunately, I paid no heed to the warning. Consequently, Mum eventually grabbed me by the arm and took me into the kitchen.

Once we all were there, my mother took a chair from out behind the kitchen table. She sat down on it, called me over to her side, and put me across her knee.

Mother began to spank my bottom with the hairbrush, and it hurt like hell. I was soon in tears and begging my Mum to stop, but she took no notice and continued the spanking, whacking me harder than she had ever done before.

After the spanking was over, I was told to stand up,  and go to my bedroom.