The Cane in the Toy Cupboard

It must be remembered that in Britain in the 1950s, corporal punishment was widely used to discipline children.

This discipline was carried out on boys and girls alike

both in the home and at school.

I well remember when I was younger visiting a friend of my mother.

I was sent to the playroom with her friend’s daughter, Emily.

After some naughtiness, Emily’s mother arrived and announced that she would have to be punished.

My mother thought that as I was involved I should be included in the punishment.

Her friend replied that she didn’t like to punish somebody else’s child, but if Mother assisted with Emily’s punishment, she would return the favor.

Emily’s mother produced a small, thin cane from behind the toy cupboard while my mother held Emily’s hands behind her back and bent her over a table.

I felt trepidation about what was to happen to me!

Emily’s mother gave her three sharp, stinging strokes – then it was my turn.

My mother was handed the cane and told to hit quite hard, as I was wearing thick trousers.

In spite of this protection and my mother’s inexperience, I was soon joining Emily in tears.

My mother later acquired a cane and used it on me from time to time.