Spanking in Comics

What is it that sparks an interest in corporal punishment. Well certainly my experiences at school were partly responsible. Perhaps it was the little girl next door who used to put me over her knee and enthusiastically spank me when we were playing mummies and daddies.
However it was all the comics that i read that first made me conscious of my obsession. Winker Watson and Big Head and Thick Head in the Dandy and Minnie the Minx and the Bash st kids in the Beano,in fact all the characters seemed to get regularly spanked. The Knockout had Billy Bunter being caned who was a particular favourite of mine. My sister used to read Bunty and Judy but spankings were rare in those, although i religiously checked every week.
I used to like the comic spankings where a woman was spanking a boy because i could identify with the boy. If she was a teacher so much the better, as i had fallen in love with mine.
I have a collection of comics, the 70’s ones are very good. The Dandy had one called Whacko where a medieval teacher in a suit of armour seems to spend much of his time caning his young charges. It has lots of wonderful details like the pupils sitting in ice buckets and applying ye olde cold cream to their sore behinds.
Whizzer and Chips produced the ultimate though in a boy called Whacky. The whole point of this strip is this boy suffers vast amounts of corporal punishment generally from cane wielding teachers but everyone joins in the whacking.
If however you want comic drawing at its best combined with a superb sense of humour, you must find the Buster comics of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Faceache is the boy with a 1000 faces each one of them horrible. The later comics have his father winning the pools and sailing away on a luxury cruise and in true dastardly fashion, enrolling Faceache at Belmont School. Belmont School would make Dotheboys Hall seem like a holiday camp! Its Victorian cane wielding headmaster, Mr Thrashbottom seems to really enjoy caning.
I suppose the thing is some of us never grow up and i get as much fun out of reading an old comic now as i did when i was a small boy. Of course i love all the spanking that goes on in their fun packed pages but now i think children are missing out. I mean who could ever imagine Dennis the Menace never getting slippered again?


I liked Winker Watson in the “Dandy”. He was the world’s wiliest wangler and managed to avoid getitng the cane most of the time, even when his class mates got it. I remember how much I enjoyed the comic in the week when he got the cane himself for the first time!


Steve it would have been 1962 i think. Good old Mr Creep, i think Winker got caned to save his brother Wally.


Yes, that sounds about right. I’d have been about 8 years old then. Did the comics ever deal with the school experiences of Minnie the Minx, Beryl the Peril etc or only with their home punishments?


Beryl was caned by both female and male teachers at various times in the early Topper comics and Beryl biannuals. Minnie too had plenty of canings, she was drawn by a wonderful artist called Leo Baxendale, who always gave his readers their moneysworth as far as spankings etc were concerned.
When he left the Beano he worked for Odhams on the Wham and Smash. In the Smash he created a Minnie the Minx lookalike called Bad Penny. He would draw even more interesting details in his corporal punishment scenes.
In one story Bad Penny is wreaking havoc in a shoe shop and her punishment is to be held over a chair and slippered. Her panties can be seen smouldering, the slipper has a large hole in it, Bad Penny is howling and the shoe salesman has a manic grin on his face. All good wholesome reading!


I remember reading these comics with interest in the 60s for some reason the spankings fascinated me, I wondered why!


Remember late 1950`s eagerly awaiting each weeks Beano.
The joy when one week;”The Bash Street Kids”,”Minnie the Minx” got caned at school and “Dennis the Menace” got slippered by Dad.
Often wonder nowadays that if I had never seen the comic to awaken and keep an interest on the go if I would be as obsessed as I now am.
Seeing Jay et als post I now wonder if the publishers were deliberatly pandering to our tastes and how many other youngsters were also deriving a guilty plaesure from watching our comic book heroes fate.


It is a good point Enthusiast raises about comics pandering to the taste of their readers for lots of spankings. No wonder it is referred to as the English vice. Back then it seemed that spanking was an every day part of life for children. I wonder why things changed so quickly to the hysteria we have today? Where a teacher will lose her job for giving a clip round the ear or a man can seemingly lose everything if he gives his daughter a spanking at the dentist!

Thanks Bob for the link to your scans. I notice you have a Bad Penny one and an interesting one of the US Dennis the Menace getting a bare bottom spanking. Does anyone know if Dennis was usually spanked on the bare.


From what I know of US comics, Dennis wasn’t spanked on the bare bottom – the image on my webpage which shows that is from a Mad Magazine article, not an original Dennis the Menace comic strip.

It might be worthwhile me putting dates and sources on the images – I’ll see about that over the next few days if I have time – I don’t have a source for one of them (it was cut out of an annual, I believe), but the others should be easy.