Spanked with the Hairbrush

Hello! My name is Amelia Angelina Rigatoni.  and I am Italian. I’m very proud of that fact too. My mom and my dad are both from Sicily. I have long black hair and really dark eyes. I’m kind of on the short side. I’m waiting to develop you know where. It’s so hard when you’re waiting to do something. You know what I mean? Anyway, the reason I am telling you all this is because my mama wants me to keep a log about all the stuff I do and what happens to me when I misbehave. I think her idea is perfectly stupid but after you get to know my mama you wouldn’t argue either! Mama is as she puts it “from the old school”. In case you don’t understand that it means my mama spanks a lot. And I do mean a lot! My dad travels all the time so as Mama says she has to be “both parents”! I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I kind of get lonely at times but mama and I keep each other pretty busy. I am in 7th grade. The name of the school I go to is “Our Lady of the Perpetual Paddle”. The sisters there are pretty nice. If you do anything bad in that place those nuns know how to make you “see the light” as they say. I only just started there so I haven’t seen any “light” yet. Hey, you don’t think they mean spanking? Oh boy! I get the feeling I just might be seeing this light thing they are always talking about. Mama told me if I ever get a spanking in school I am going to get another one at home. My best friend, Anna Maria, got a spanking in school already. She didn’t get it too bad but when she got home well I don’t have to tell you what happened there. In fact she still had trouble sitting this morning in class. I know that feeling all too well!

Anyway if you have the time I’ll tell you what happened yesterday. I just want you to know that I am not happy about this. Mama thinks the embarrassment will make me behave better. I think I will just drop dead and die if any of my friends see this. And if there are any mama’s out there don’t go doing this to your kids. It is cruel and unusual punishment. Anna Maria and I met at the corner of my street. We were going to go to the mall and check out the boys. Mama thought I was going to the library. I sort of feel guilty about lying to her but she just won’t let me do the stuff I want to do. When we got to the mall we went to the food court and got a soda. She and I were checking out all the boys when out of the corner of my eye I saw my mama. I tried to get under the table or go to the bathroom but I was busted!

Mama came over to the table. She looked me right in the eye and you just would not believe what she said to me! My mama said really loud that I was going to get the spanking of my life when I got home. I just about wanted to go through the floor. All the really cool kids were looking at me. She grabbed me by the hand and sort of dragged me out of the mall. I could see all the kids laughing and saying stuff about me. All I kept thinking about was how I was going to explain this to the kids at school tomorrow.

We got out to the car and mama opened the door. She sort of pushed me into the front seat but right before she did she smacked my butt a whole lot of times. I just wanted to die right there in the parking lot. She was yelling at me and telling me how she was going to turn me over her knee. Of course the cutest boy in the world was getting out of his mom’s car just as my mama was spanking my butt. Gosh, I figured this just can’t any worse. I bet he saw the whole thing too!

When we got back to our house Mama made me go stand in the corner. Have you ever heard of anything that ridiculous in your life? She made me stand there for just about forever. Eventually she let me come to her. When I turned around I saw mama had pulled a kitchen chair into the living room. I knew I was in deep trouble. She made me stand in front of her while she lectured me about the evils of lying and going to hell and all that stuff. I tried really hard not to roll my eyes at her but I guess they have a mind of their own. All of the sudden Mama landed a great big whack on the seat of my panties. Man oh man that hurt! I said to myself that she wasn’t going to make me cry this time. I was wrong. Man I was wrong!

When she was done lecturing she told me to lift up my uniform. I looked at her with tears in my eyes. She told me when I act like a grown up I’ll get treated like one. Gee, I hope she remembers this when I’m 16! I glared at her but I stopped dead when she lifted that mean old hairbrush she just loves to spank with. I did as she asked but I was begging and pleading the whole time. I swear that woman is deaf as can be when I’m begging not to be spanked! She made me go over her knee. Gosh I felt like such a child. I just could not believe that I was going to get spanked like a child! Mama spanked my bottom with her hand for a while. I was kicking and crying right from the start. I knew this was going to be long one and I was not a bit happy. All of the sudden I felt a breeze on my bare butt. I knew the worst part of the spanking was just about to happen.

Mama knew how to spank a naughty girl. She lifted that nasty old brush and it came cracking down on my bottom. I let out the loudest yell you ever heard in your life! Mama said to me that if I wanted to yell then she would give me something to yell about. She whacked and yelled and whacked some more. The whole time she was lecturing about going straight to hell for lying and every other thing she could think of. By this time my bottom was hurting so badly all I could do was cry and hiccup. I didn’t even realize when she stopped that rotten old spanking. I was just laying there waiting to be spanked some more.

Mama helped me to my feet. She stood up and helped me pull my panties up on my very scorched bottom. I swore to her that I would never lie again. All this was said through my tears. After a while she let me go up to my room.