Smacked Bottom Games

During the 1970s, when I was growing up, a smacked bottom was such a routine punishment for a naughty youngster that we children regularly included corporal punishment in our games, particularly playing ‘house’ or ‘school’.

Despite the profusion of such stories on your website, I believe the number of kids who actually got smacked on the bare bottom was actually fairly low – certainly, most of the smackings I witnessed or heard about were usually to the seat of a boy’s trousers – and it was usually boys in trouble!

Nevertheless, we were cute enough to know that some children were unlucky enough to get their pants put down before they were smacked and so we incorporated this into our play, too, sometimes. This had to be reserved for when you could be somewhere quiet and private, maybe in an attic or deep in the woods.

My friend Andrea and I often took turns to be the child and the other would delight at finding an excuse to put the ‘naughty’ one over their knee and smack, sometimes quite hard. You had to be careful not to hurt your friend too much, as then the other would cry and run off, and the game would be over for a while.

Andrea had a little brother, Peter, and he would sometimes join in these rather illicit games. I think us girls would be about nine and Peter aged seven at the time most of this happened.

Smacking Andrea or Peter was always exciting, even when I was just whacking their trouser seat or skirt, but my favourite times were when we were private enough that we could give it on the bare bottom. This felt deliciously naughty (and indeed, we would probably all have been soundly spanked had we been found out).

I particularly liked to smack Peter. As he was younger, he was much smaller and fitted over my knee like a child would across his mother’s lap. I was curious about his privates, too, and took my time to have a good look at his willy as I took his trousers and pants down and gave him a mock scolding. He had a beautiful little bottom and I loved turning it pink and sometimes red (although achieving the latter was sailing close to the wind in ending the game).

I had to take my turn over the other children’s laps, too. Having Peter take down my knickers and showing him my bum and ‘front bottom’ felt so wicked and made me tingle between my legs: something I obviously didn’t fully understand at the time. I liked being over Andrea’s knee, too – I used to pretend she was my big sister who had caught me doing something naughty, and I was being soundly punished.

I think I had a higher pain threshold than the other two children, so I would often go home with quite a red bottom, which of course I then had to be careful to hide from my parents, in case I was then given the ‘real thing’.