Sarahs Spanking Hands

This was the most embarrassing time I ever got my bottom smacked. My mother was just starting to prepare me for my spanking, which had been coming both for sassing her and for playing ball in the house which resulted in a broken window.

When it came to administering the spanking, the doorbell rang.

My mother looked up. “That must be the babysitter – don’t you dare move!” I was so embarrassed when she returned with Sarah, my babysitter. Sarah was only four years older than me and I had a huge crush on her. She was wearing a pencil skirt, stockings, and pumps. She looked at me and smiled.

To my utter shame, my mother told her: “Bobby has been a very naughty boy and I was just about to administer his spanking when you arrived. I didn’t realize how late it was, and I won’t have time to whip him. Would you do me a favor and administer it for me?” Sarah looked at me and smiled, then said: “I would be happy to.” Mom told her to soundly spank me over her lap until I had learned my lesson, she then left.

When my mother had gone, Sarah looked at me and said knowingly: “I think this spanking will do you a lot more good with me giving it to you. I know you have a crush on me!”

She sat down on the straight-backed chair previously occupied by my mother and called me over. Then it was over her lap for my spanking.

Sarah raised her hand and began to spank me slowly, pausing between spanks to let each one sink in. The fire built up steadily in my bottom.

When finally the spanking was over, Sarah stood me up and told me to go to my room until I could be a good boy.