Public Spankings

Did your parents ever put you over  there knee and give you a publlc spanking if you misbehaved when out with them. You do not see it much nowadays as parents seem to be unable too discipline there off spring in fears of the looks and comments off the disapproving do gooder or  they wait until you where home then deal  with you


My parents did on a couple of occasions. Once I was out at a park with a couple of friends and their mum’s. I misbehaved (can’t remember what I did) and mum pulled me over to a bench and put me over her knee. My friends and their mum saw it happen, as well as other people in the park, so it was quite embarrassing.I was then taken home and sent to bed early.

I also had instances where she would say ‘Wait till I get you home lad’ I knew exactly what that meant! On arrival at home, she waisted no time in getting me over her knee, depending on what I had done or said decided on whether she spanked me across my underpants or whether these came down and I got it bare, luckily this only happened on a couple of occasions.


No never anything formal at most maybe one warning shot for what would come at home. Public mischief was handled when we got home.


Luckily no ,if i misbehaved while out with mum she would inform dad when we arrived home, the it was over the knee time ouch!


As with others, misbehaviour in public if bad enough warranted a spanking back home never in public. However my dad often added a few extra if as a result of my behaviour I had embarrassed my parents.


I only recently discovered that in the first form at grammar school I missed a public caning – I must have been off with a cold or something. Apparently a master was away so the class was sent into the hall and given some work to get on with quietly. There was already a class of 4th or 5th formers occupying seats at the front of the hall with the master on the stage. One of those boys committed an offence – presumably talking – and was summoned onto the stage, whereupon the master bent him over his knee, produced a thin whippy cane from his briefcase and caned the boy’s bottom. The lad returned very red faced to his place.

The questions that arise are whether the master was in the habit of caning boys in his class – presumably so if he carried a cane around, secondly was the headmaster aware of this. No other master used cp and it was used very rarely by the headmaster – never to any boy in my year.

The master concerned retired that year (he was retiring age) so I never got to witness any canings by him. What an opportunity missed.