My Girlfriend’s Mom

When I was 13, I had a girlfriend I really liked – but I didn’t like spending time at her house because we would always seemed to get into trouble.

You might not think this was too bad. But Sally’s mom firmly believed in spanking and she was more than willing to spank either or both of our backsides if she felt we had deserved it.

These spankings were given bare bottom in front of each other and in front of her three little sisters, who were aged six, eight and 10 at the time.

The worst of these involved a fight we had that caused my girlfriend’s mother to interrupt her 10-year-old daughter’s Brownie troupe meeting to punish both of us.

You can imagine how embarrassing it was to have my pants removed and my bare bottom spanked in front of around 15 young girls, but Sally’s mom saw no problem with it. In the end, I broke up with Sally to avoid her mother!