Mrs Wilkins VII

Within a few moments, Mrs Wilkins appeared, beautiful in her short tennis skirt. As she walked over to a nearby chair, Billy looked up and saw her looking directly at him with a wry smile. He blushed and then blushed more deeply when she said in a quiet voice, “I hope you’re going to behave yourself this summer, Billy. You don’t want to have a little chat with me in the basement, do you?” Though she spoke somewhat teasingly, Billy’s heart pounded wildly as he shook his head. “Good, because you know I won’t hesitate to take you firmly in hand like Johnny if I catch you misbehaving in any way during your stay.” As she spoke, she sat down and slowly crossed her legs, inadvertently allowing her ruffled tennis panties to show between her plump thighs. Billy knew he never should have looked but he was completely helpless not to when her thighs opened momentarily and he could see everything. “Watch where you look young man unless you want me to take you dow to the basement right now.” “Yes, Mrs. Wilkins. I’m sorry,” he said quickly, looking back up at her face before diving back into his magazine. It was all he could do to get his erection to subside in time for dinner. That night, he masturbated quietly in his bed while wondering if Mrs. Wilkins had been serious. He remembered how her spankings hadn’t hurt that much five year earlier and presumed they would hurt even less at his age. Just before he fell asleep, he resolved to test her if he got a chance. As luck would have it, Johnny had to take the car to get the oil changed the very next day. Since they used an auto shop twenty minutes away, Billy realized this would allow him to have a private conversation with Mrs. Wilkins. He excused himself with Johnny by saying he wanted to stay home to finish his book. After Johnny drove off, Billy went into the living room where Mrs. Wilkins was knitting and sat down. After flipping through his book for a while, he finally got up the nerve to speak. “Mrs. Wilkins, there’s something I wanted to tell you.” “Yes, Billy, what is it?” “You know yesterday when Johnny didn’t do the mowing before the storm came?” “Yes, Billy.” “Well, it really wasn’t all his fault. We were down at Howard’s Beach and he kept reminding me he had to leave to do the mowing. I told him it wouldn’t rain until evening and that he could do it later. He asked me to leave at least three times but I refused until we saw the clouds coming. And by then, it was too late.” “I see, Billy. Johnny didn’t tell me this yesterday.” “No .. he wouldn’t rat on his best friend, Mrs. Wilkins. That’s not the way he is. And that’s exactly why I feel badly about what happened. A friend shouldn’t get his best friend in trouble and then let him take the rap.” “Are you saying that you should have been punished too, Billy?,” Mrs. Wilkins asked with a little smile playing about her face. “Well … ummm … I don’t know … I guess what I’m saying is that it wasn’t fair for Johnny to take the heat when I was just as much at fault, if not more so.” “If I hear you correctly, Billy, I gather you might feel better about this if you were shared some of Johnny’s punishment.” “Gee, Mrs. Wilkins … I’m not sure I would put it that way. I just feel badly that I didn’t speak up yesterday. It might have let Johnny off the hook.” “I can assure you, young man, Johnny is responsible for his own decisions regardless of what his friends do or say. If you had spoken up yesterday, it would not have let Johnny off the hook. Something else would have happened instead, Billy. And I think you know what I mean.” Billy gulped again and looked down guiltily. Seeing his expression, Mrs. Wilkins pressed on. “Billy, if you feel badly that Johnny was punished for something you encouraged him to do, I have a solution to that problem … a very simple solution. I think that it would do you a lot of good.” “You think so, Mrs. Wilkins?” “Yes, I most certainly do, Johnny. Why don’t we both go downstairs and take care of something which should have been done yesterday. I think it will help clear the air and allow you to feel much better about this.” Billy hung his head like a naughty child, unable to disagree but much too embarrassed to offer any verbal consent. “It looks like I have two boys in this house who can still benefit from an old-fashioned lesson now and then.” Once again, Billy didn’t answer or look up. “Do you know how I punished Johnny yesterday, Billy?” Billy blushed but managed to reply, “I think so, Mrs. Wilkins.” “Then you probably have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to handle you, young man.” Billy gulped, took a very deep breath, and said in a very small voice, “Yes, Mrs. Wilkins.” “I gather your mother doesn’t punish you this way anymore.” “No … Mrs. Wilkins, not since I was fourteen.” His eyes were still on the floor. “That’s too bad, Billy, since you seem to be one of those boys who needs traditional discipline.” Billy blushed again and said nothing. “Very well then. I think we should take care of things before Johnny comes home.” “I’d prefer that, Mrs. Wilkins,” Billy blurted out. “I imagine you would, young man. I imagine you would. Shall we go downstairs then?” “If you say so, Mrs. Wilkins” “I do say so, Billy … indeed I do say so. Stand up and give me your hand right now … do you hear me … that right.” Billy stood up and allowed Mrs. Wilkins to take his hand firmly in hers and lead him across the living room towards the basement door. The simple act of being led by the hand made him feel six years younger and he began protesting in a quiet voice and dragging his feet as if suddenly getting second thoughts. “Come along, young man, or Mrs Wilkins will give you what you need right here in the living room. You don’t want that, do you?” “No … please Mrs Wilkins … please … I think I’ve changed my mind … I don’t think this is a good idea … please Mrs Wilkins.” “Young man, what you think and what you obviously need are two very different things. I’ve had a lot of experience over the years with boys like you and I know exactly what they need, whether they think it’s a good idea or not.” Spinning him around, she planted three spanks on the seat of his pants in rapid succession before looking him straight in the eye and warning, “I’m dead serious, Billy. Either you come willingly with me to the basement right now or I’ll take care of you right here in the living room with all the windows open and the curtains drawn. Would you like that … would you?” She delivered three more quick spanks to drive the point home. “Noooo Mrs Wilkins … please … noooo… nooooo.” Billy continued pleading even as his physical resistance collapsed and he allowed himself to be led along by the hand. “That’s better, young man. I can accept verbal protests and crying. In fact, I expect that when disciplining someone your age who is still really a little boy in many ways. But I won’t tolerate physical resistance. Do you understand? You’ve already earned yourself extra time downstairs. Any further resistance will mean more time. Do I make myself perfectly clear?” Though Billy could not bear to agree openly, his physical assent was answer enough. It was bad enough that he was being pulled across the room like a small child. Even more embarrassing was the obvious gap between his verbal resistance and his physical compliance. The more he protested, the more juvenile he felt in allowing her to control him. By the time she escorted him through the basement door and closed it behind them, his cries had taken on a childish whining which confirmed everything she had just said. “Noooo Mrs Wilkins … please .. I don’t want to go downstairs with you … please … nnooooooo… noooooo!” Her only response was to swat him a few more times through his pants. After switching on the light, she walked down the stairs, still leading him firmly by the hand. As they reached the bottom, he noticed the same old straight-backed chair resting against the wall. By the time they reached it, Billy felt more like an ten year old than someone who had just finished his sophomore year in high school. His heart was pounding so fast he felt dizzy. “Billy, you may be sixteen but you have been acting more like a naughty fourth grader who needs a sound spanking on his bare bottom. What do you have to say for yourself, young man?” “Please … Mrs. Wilkins .. not on the bare.” “Hush young man, the only spankings I ever give are on the bare bottom. You should know that by now. It’s even more important with a teen like you who acts more like a school boy and still needs to be handled like one. The older you are, the more embarrassed you’ll feel about being treated like a naughty little boy. If you want to worry about me seeing your bare fanny, I suggest you think about that before you misbehave, not when you’re about to get spanked. Besides, in a few minutes, you’re going to be too busy crying like a baby to worry about me seeing your naughty bottom. Do you hear me, young man?” “Please, Mrs Wilkins … nooo … please” “I want you to call me ‘Mommy Wilkins’ whenever we have a basement chat. Do you understand me Billy?” “Please, Mommy Wilkins … not on the bare…” “Young man, it’s always going to be on the bare. Every time you misbehave this summer, I am going to take your pants and underpants down just like a ten year old and put you over my lap and spank you until you’re crying your eyes out. And if you try to resist, I’ll just take you upstairs and spank you right in the living room where the neighbors can hear everything. Would you like Belinda to know that you are still getting spanked at your age?” “Please, Mommy Wilkins… not upstairs.” “That’s better, Billy. Now please stand with your hands to your side and leave them there.” “Noooooo , Mrs. Wilkins … pleaassse ….” “That’s much better. Now leave your hands there unless you want me to use a paddle. Let’s get this belt undone and these pants down … that’s right … all the way down. Please step out of them for me .. that’s a good boy. You certainly have grown since I last saw you, Billy. You’re turning into quite a handsome young man. Let’s get these underpants down too. Yes, Billy, your underpants are going to come down every time you misbehave. Oh my! You certainly have grown, haven’t you.” Billy turned scarlet as his healthy erection came into view. Yet despite his embarrassment, he also felt strangely excited, especially with the compliments he was getting. “Since Johnny’s lesson isn’t over for another hour and a half, we have plenty of time for Mommy Wilkins to teach you a good lesson. Before you get off my lap, Billy, you are going to be crying your eyes out. I promise you, you are going to be a very well spanked little boy before we’re through. We don’t have to tell Johnny anything this time. But I warn you, if you get into any more trouble, I won’t hesitate to bring you down for a basement chat when Johnny’s home. Do you understand me, child?” “Yes, Mrs. Wilkins, I understand … please … I promise I’ll behave… I promise I will.” “What did I tell you to call me when you’re being disciplined?” SMACK SMACK “Mommy Wilkins, I’m sorry … I meant Mommy Wilkins”. “That’s more like it Billy, Now let’s get this skirt out of the way so it doesn’t get all wrinkled.” With that, Mrs. Wilkins pulled her full cotton skirt up to the very tops of her plump, white thighs. Billy’s heart pounded even faster as she bared everything all the way to the V of her pink panties. She then pulled him forward and down. As his penis dragged onto her soft, warm thighs, he gasped. The feeling was indescribable and the surging blood which followed made his erection throb noticeably against her. His penis seemed to have a life of its own. “It looks like part of you is looking forward to this spanking, young man. And something tells me this won’t be the last lesson you’re going to need this summer. I think you’re one of those boys who still needs firm maternal discipline on a regular basis to stay out of trouble. And Mommy Wilkins is going to make sure you get the discipline you need this summer.” She continued to scold him, making him feel naughty, well-loved, and attractively masculine all at once. The mixture of feelings was excruciating, especially in the way she squeezed and patted his bottom the whole time as if preparing him. When the first spank finally came, he couldn’t help moaning loudly and thrusting against her soft thighs again.