Mrs Wilkins IV

After two minutes, Belinda had painted Johnny’s fanny a deep pink and draw the same kind of babyish crying Billy heard from him during a “little chat” with Mrs. Wilkins. With a final flurry of spanks, Belinda stopped and said,

“You naughty thing, this is only a warm up of the spanking you and Billy have coming as soon as we get home from church. Just be grateful I don’t take you two down to the church basement just before service starts and spank you there so everyone will know you were naughty. Johnny, you can lie on your bed if you want while I give Billy what he has coming but then I want to see you dressed right away after that. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Belinda”, Johnny said, his tears already beginning to dry as Belinda hugged him and he hugged back.

“Good boy, Johnny. I can see you learned the start of a lesson, didn’t you.”

She helped him up and over onto the bed where she let him lie on his stomach so he could rub his fanny.

“Now for the naughty child with the 104.2 temperature. Your bottom is going to be a lot hotter than that when we return from church, Billy.”

Belinda crossed the room with purposeful strides, took hold of Billy’s arm, and raised him off the bed. At that point, it was apparent to all that Billy was in quite a state as well.

“More naughtiness, I see” said Belinda, and slapped Billy’s hands to his sides before sitting down, lifting her skirts, and pulling him over her bare thighs. Billy was already crying softly and calling out,

“Please don’t spank me, Belinda .. please don’t spank me. … noooo”

Belinda was pleased to find Billy physically compliant, despite his verbal protests. He was easy to draw over her thighs. And as soon as she pulled him far enough over so that his feet left the ground, he shifted from begging for mercy to waving his legs back and forth and crying,

“Nooooo … I don’t want a spanking … I don’t want a spanking”. For an experienced babysitter like Belinda, Billy’s shift from protesting to voicing his preferences suggested a certain acceptance on his part. This was confirmed when he stopped pleading altogether and began crying in earnest as soon as his spanking began. It was one thing to cry so freely later in a sound spanking when a stinging fanny left no other choice. But this kind of sudden crying suggested the contrition of a child who knew he was naughty and needed to be punished. To confirm her suspicions, Belinda decided to question Billy as she spanked him. A naughty youngster who admitted he deserved a good spanking would be much easier to handle when the next punishment came up. And since that was right after church, now was the time to reach an agreement if she could.

“So … you bad little boy … you did lie to Belinda, didn’t you.”

Billy managed to reply amidst his babyish crying.

“I didn’t mean to, Belinda, ooohhhhh hooooooo … oooo hoooo. .. waaaaaaa … really I didn’t mean to. waaaa… waaaaa … We wanted to get out of church. … waaaaaaa … waaaaaa.”

“You naughty child … don’t you know not to lie by now? What happens to little boys who lie? Huuhhh? Answer me, Billy? What am I going to give you every time you lie or misbehave in some other way when I’m babysitting?”

“Waaaahhh … waahhhhhh”

“Answer me, child.”

“Waaaaahhh …. a spanking … waaaaahhhhh”

“That’s right, I’m going to give you a spanking. If you don’t want to be spanked, all you have to do is be good, Billy. But when you’re naughty around Belinda, she’s going to warm your fanny every time, isn’t she? … Isn’t she?”

“Waahhhhhh … yesssss … waaaahhhhh…”

“Remember, Billy, this is only a little taste of the spanking you and Johnny are going to get after church. As soon as we get home and finish lunch, I’m going to take down your pants right here in the living room, bare your fanny, and put you over my knee. And then you’re going to get a sound spanking before I put you to bed for a nap. Do you understand?”

“Yes waaaahhhhhh Belinda waaaaaaaahhhhhhh I understand waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh”

“Good. Now sit up so you can tell Belinda that you’re sorry and so she can give you a hug. That’s all you’re going to get for now.”

“Waaahhhhhh … I’m sorry I lied Belinda … I’m sorry I lied”.

“Settle down, child. You took your medicine very well. Belinda’s sorry she has to spank you but it’s the only way to teach bad little boys a good lesson, isn’t it. You did learn a lesson, Billy, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Belinda. I learned a good lesson … I learned a lesson.”

By then, Billy was sitting up and lost in Belinda hugs, pressed deeply against her soft bosom.

“Are you still going to spank me after church.”

“Yes, Billy, I’m going to give you a longer spanking so you learn a better lesson and then put you down for a nap. I’m sure you’ll feel much better afterwards when you wake up. Now can you and Johnny get dressed for church in five minutes?”

“Yes, Belinda, yes … we can”.

“Good boys. I’ll be back in five minutes and I want to see two boys dressed in their Sunday best. You don’t want me to give you your spankings in the church basement do you?”

All during church, the two boys had warm bottoms to remind them what had just happened and what was waiting for them when they got back home. On the way out after the service, the boys and their sitter shook hands with the minister at the doorway between the main room and the foyer. As they entered the foyer, Belinda encountered the minister’s wife, Mrs. Parsons, who was also her old Sunday School teacher and a good friend of both her mother and Mrs. Wilkins. Mrs. Parsons immediately came over and greeted her warmly. Turning to Johnny, she ruffled his hair and asked him if he was behaving well for Belinda. When Johnny turned red and looked at his feet. Belinda winked at Mrs. Parsons and remarked,

“They were naughty before church and they’re both going to get good spankings after lunch”.

“Is that true, Johnny?” Mrs. Parsons asked.

“Yes, Mrs. Parsons,” he managed to reply with a little voice.

“Oh my … I guess you are, aren’t you child. And your little friend as well? My … my … Belinda, you have your hands full, don’t you.” Turning to Billy she added,

“And what did you do, young man?” Though Billy was too embarrassed to say anything, Johnny suddenly spoke up with new confidence, happy to shift attention away from his own predicament.

“Billy faked his temperature and tried to get out of church and so Belinda had to use a baby thermometer and now he’s going to get a spanking too.”

“You did the same thing too, Johnny,” Billy protested. “In fact, it was your idea.”

At this, Johnny fell silent once more and blushed again. Belinda looked at the two of them and then at Mrs. Parsons.

“So, more of the truth finally comes out. I have half a mind to take you down to the basement right here and spank you right now. Mrs. Parson got up in the middle of service last week and took her boy, Jimmy, down to the basement for a good spanking, didn’t you, Mrs. Parsons?”

“I sure did, Belinda. His face was as red as his bottom when I marched him back to the pew afterwards. The whole congregation could hear everything.”

“I imagine the Franks and the Thomsons will hear these naughty boys getting spanked this afternoon since I intend to punish them in their bedroom and it’s too hot to close the windows. Now off we go, boys … your lunch is waiting.” With a final nod to Mrs. Parsons, Belinda shooed the boys out to the street and headed home.

As soon as they arrived, Johnny and Billy washed up and sat down for lunch. After clearing the table with Belinda, she took each of them by the hand and led them into the living room. Both boys were already crying softly by then. They were also embarrassed by the fact that the neighbor’s mothers and children were out in their backyard right next to the Wilkins house. Though Belinda drew the curtains, she pointedly left the windows open. Neither boy worried about that for long as sat down on the sofa and lifted her skirts well above her thighs. Telling Billy to stay put, she undid Johnny’s belt and slid his Sunday shorts down to his ankles. Ignoring his pleas, she slid his underpants down and pulled him all the way over her lap until his feet waved helplessly in the air. She then scolded him for a good five minutes and extracted a full confession about the morning escapade before beginning his punishment.

Belinda spanked Johnny the way she always did, the way Mrs. Wilkins had asked her. It was not that hard but it was long and slow and in the end just as thorough. It was also the way she generally spanked when babysitting. In contrast to some sitters, Belinda knew she had far more authority over her charges if they loved and respected her. Consequently, she relied more on the length of the punishment than the severity to break down resistance and bring on the proper repentance. Not that her spankings didn’t hurt or bring real tears. No sound spanking from Belinda ever ended without a sore bottom and a good cry. But she understood the power of psychological methods such as scolding, something learned first hand from her own upbringing and from watching Mrs. Wilkins handle Johnny. By combining the right spanking for the situation at hand with a thorough scolding, Belinda found it easy to reduce naughty youngsters to the status of little children who readily accepted their punishment even if they kicked and cried. In the end, her discipline was highly effective without ever seeming cruel or excessive. No wonder she was Johnny’s favorite sitter.

As usual, Johnny started crying freely from the start and cried continuously for the next ten minutes until his fanny was scarlet. By then, his pants and underpants had long been kicked off and he looked even younger naked from the waist down. After his spanking ended, Belinda sat him up on her lap for a nice hug while his crying subsided before taking him upstairs and tucking him into bed.

She then returned to the living room, sat down on the sofa, and lifted her skirts well out of the way before beckoning Billy over. Her nimble fingers soon had his Sunday shorts down around his ankles. After seeing Johnny twisting and turning on Belinda’s bare thighs, Billy was already worked up to quite a state. And it didn’t help that Belinda’s thighs were bare the whole time she readied him for his spanking with her panties peeping out at the V of her thighs. Once again, she scolded him for being extra naughty as his underpants came down. With Johnny already upstairs in bed, this time it was just their own little secret. With a little smile, she said,

“I’m going to have to keep you over my knee longer for being so naughty, Billy.”

Though Billy blushed, he was inwardly pleased at her remark. At that stage, he wanted nothing more than to stay over her knee all afternoon and have his temperature taken again with that baby thermometer before getting another one of her long, slow spankings. At the same time, he was dreading his impending punishment and already crying softly.

As she put him over her lap, he knew from past experience that it was better not to try to be brave and avoid crying when it was inevitable. A spanking was a little boy’s punishment and no matter how grown up Billy felt beforehand, when his pants and underpants were taken down and his bare bottom turned high over a female knee, a flood of “little boy” feelings overwhelmed him completely. The fact that he was always guilty of something in those situations didn’t make it any easier to feel like a big boy.

But there was more to it than the normal acceptance of a well-deserved punishment. Billy didn’t really understand why he cried like a baby from the very beginning of a spanking, or why he friend Johnny did as well. He was only grateful that his best friend was like him in that respect.

As both Mrs. Wilkins and Belinda had immediately understood, Billy’s babyish crying was part of a larger immaturity which showed itself most overtly within the safe confines of domestic life and especially with Johnny. It was obvious the two boys enjoyed playing and giggling like younger children and that they had a lot in common. Rather than pressuring her son to grow up faster than he wanted, Mrs. Wilkins had always let him develop at his own pace. So had Billy’s mother. And while spankings were the normal method of discipline for any twelve year old, both mothers had long seen how effective they were with these two. Although neither boy liked being spanked, they both responded well and were usually good as gold for two or three days.