Mrs Wilkins II

“Young man, Mom-my Wilkins asked you a ques-tion. Are you going to o-bey me prompt-ly? Or are we go-ing to need a base- ment chat ev-er-y night this week?”

Once again, she punctuated her words with smacks on his fanny. Overcome by feelings of dependency and love, Billy impulsively hugged her tightly about the waist and said,

“I’ll obey you, Mommy Wilkins. I promise I’ll obey you.”

Delighted he was calling her ‘Mommy Wilkins’ and was now clinging to her, Mrs. Wilkins continued scolding and questioning him.

“You were bad to come home so late, weren’t you, Billy?”

This time, she used just a single spank as she said his name. It was both a promise of things to come and a reminder of the answer she expected.

“Yes, Mommy Wilkins,”

“So you understand why Mommy Wilkins is going to take you down to the basement after dinner?”

Again she swatted him just once. He was still clinging tightly to her.

“Yes, Mommy Wilkins”.

“Do you what is going to happen for the rest of the summer whenever you are naughty?”

The single spank which followed seemed particularly rhetorical yet it still helped reinforce things.

“Yes, Mommy Wilkins.”

“Good, then you won’t give me any trouble about taking these shorts off now, will you?”

“No, Mommy Wilkins.”

“That’s more like it, child. Now stand still while I get these off so we can have our dinner.”

Releasing Billy and straightening him up, Mrs. Wilkins knelt in front of him and quickly slipped his shorts down to his ankles. She then held him steady with one hand while guiding his feet out of the shorts with the other. After tossing them onto the nearby sofa, she turned Billy toward the dinner table, swatted him firmly once more and said,

“Now get to the table, children and let’s see how well behaved you two can be.”

Both boys rushed to the table and sat down, happy to regain some of their modesty under the table. They also stayed on their best behavior throughout the meal despite the terrible anticipation each felt. After dinner was over, they cleared the table and did the dishes, knowing full well their underpants were now quite visible. So were their red faces.

Finally, Mrs. Wilkins crossed over to the basement door, opened it, and announced,

“Children, I think it’s time for our little basement chat. If both of you would please come downstairs with me.”

Johnny and Billy looked at each other nervously as they headed for the basement stairs. As they passed Mrs. Wilkins, she encouraged each of them with a swat. Once she closed the door behind them, Billy knew their fate was sealed. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he noticed how quiet and cool the basement was. Not that he had much time to survey the room. Mrs. Wilkins quickly took them by the ear and marched them over to a straight-backed chair. After releasing them to the right, she sat down. Johnny had already begun whimpering and pleading,

“No … Mommy … I don’t want a spanking … I promise we won’t be late again … please, Mommy, don’t spank me … no Mommy.”

“You should have thought of that when it was time for you to come home, Johnny. You disobeyed me and now you’re going to learn what happens to bad boys. I’m going to take your underpants down and put you over my knee as if you were a third grader and give you a very sound spanking. The same goes for you, Billy. Before we leave this basement, you are going to be two very well spanked little boys with red fannies. And then, you’re both going to bed early. And tomorrow night after dinner, I’m going to put you both over my knee again for another red fanny spanking. Do you understand?”

By then, both boys were sniffling in unison. Mrs. Wilkins then calmly reached over and pulled Johnny until he was standing directly in front of her. She began rolling his underpants down his hips starting at the waistband. As they descended, Johnny began crying and reached both hands back to rub his fanny apprehensively. By the time his underpants reached his knees, they formed a tightly wound band of fabric binding his legs together. With a slap to encourage him to step aside, Mrs. Wilkins pulled Billy forward and began rolling his underpants down as well. Soon they were wound tightly at his knees too. When he tried to cover himself in front, Mrs. Wilkins reached behind and delivered two quick spanks to his bare bottom with a warning of what would happen if he didn’t keep his hands to the side.

She then moved him to the side and used her index finger to beckon Johnny forward. He shuffled over, still crying,

“Mommy, I don’t want a spanking … I don’t want a spanking” even after she took hold of him and put him over her knee.

“You may not want a spanking, little boy, but it’s very clear you and Billy need one and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. Mommy is going to remind you to pay attention when she tells you what time to be home. And since you are both getting another spanking tomorrow night, tomorrow will be an ‘underpants day’”.

“No Mommy, please not a spanking … I swear I’ll listen better next time … Please don’t spank me, Mommy.”

Ignoring his cries, Mrs. Wilkins began spanking Johnny vigorously with a spank landing almost every second. For the first minute, Johnny continued pleading. But as his bottom rapidly turned bright red, he broke down and began sobbing incoherently. It was clear all resistance had collapsed. Up until then, he had preserved a twelve year old’s dignity by protesting and begging for mercy. Whether he had realized the utter futility of such protests or whether the sting in his fanny had driven out all such thoughts, Billy couldn’t tell. It was clear Johnny’s spanking had quickly regressed him to a childlike manner of completely uninhibited, loud crying as if nothing else existed in the world other than his punishment and his need for verbal and emotional release. After he reached back for the fourth time, Mrs. Wilkins took his wrists in her left hand, pinned them against his back, and continued spanking his chubby bottom. With his hands secured, Johnny’s crying seemed to take on an even more babyish tone. There was nothing he could do except kick and cry vigorously and he did a splendid job of both.

On and on Mrs Wilkins spanked, alternating from one cheek to the other. Every few minutes, she lectured and scolded him and reminded him what would happen every time he didn’t mind his mommy. Since Billy’s mom used a hairbrush, Billy was used to shorter but more severe spankings which lasted two or three minutes. In contrast, Mrs. Wilkins spanked by hand and she spanked much longer. Billy lost track of the time but estimated Johnny’s spanking lasted about ten minutes. By the end, he was bawling like a baby and his bottom was bright red from top to bottom and from one hip to the other. The contrast with the whiteness elsewhere was startling.

In some ways, the worst part of Billy’s first spanking (and the ones which followed) was the way he had to wait his turn right next to Johnny knowing he was next. Because Billy’s bottom was already bared, it seemed in many ways as if his spanking had already begun, as if Johnny’s spanking was a warm up for his punishment. Long before Johnny’s spanking ended, Billy had begun crying without embarrassment and unconsciously rubbing his own bare bottom. Finally, she finished and allowed Johnny to lie there across her lap while his crying subsided. She then let him up and sat him on her lap for a hug while she told him how well he had taken his medicine and how much she loved him. When she asked if he had learned a good lesson, he nodded and hugged her back.

And in the end, when Billy’s turn finally came, he was glad to go over her lap. In part, it restored some modesty. More importantly, it allowed him to get past the terrible anticipation which had been building since the beginning of dinner. And by then, he realized that he actually needed his spanking, if only to return to the good graces of the woman he worshipped.

Though Billy also cried like a baby, it was more out of psychological release than anything else. The spanking was painful but it wasn’t anything like the fiery touch of his mother’s paddle. Afterwards, as he sat on Mrs. Wilkins’s lap and promised to be good while hugging her, he felt more loved and at peace than he could remember feeling in months. With reminders of what would happen if they weren’t good boys, Mrs. Wilkins took Johnny and Billy back upstairs and put them to bed. She even read them a story before turning out the light.

As he lay in the dark replaying what had just happened, Billy decided the spanking had been another kind of summer adventure in some ways. True it had been scary and painful but it was also new and kind of exciting even if he didn’t fully understand why. Somehow, Mrs. Wilkins seemed even more irresistible now that she had spanked him. With a warm, glowing bottom as a reminder, Billy felt like a full member of her family. By allowing her to take his underpants down and spank him, Billy had established the intimacy a little boy feels with his mother.

The next day, Billy slept in a little later than Johnny. When he finally got up in response to Mrs. Wilkins’ call for breakfast, he quickly dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. The spanking the night before was the last thing on his mind until he entered and saw Johnny eating a big pile of pancakes with nothing but a tee shirt and underpants. Meanwhile Mrs. Wilkins had seen what he was wearing and quickly spoke up.

“Billy, I can see you’ve already forgotten my rules about what to wear on days when we have a little chat coming after dinner. Today is an underpants day and the two of you are grounded. Come here, child, and let Mommy Wilkins take off those shorts.”

“Aw .. Mrs. Wilkins … do I have to,” Billy whined.

“Right this instant, young man, unless you’d like an extra spanking before breakfast in the kitchen.”

Billy complied and was soon seated in his underpants, his bottom tingling from three reminder spanks. As he dug into a big plate of delicious pancakes, the underpants problem receded somewhat and he and Johnny got into the giggles over some private jokes. After breakfast, the boys had to wash up the dishes. They were then allowed to play with Johnny’s soldiers in their room upstairs until Mrs. Wilkins called them down for lunch. Of course, each boy thought a lot about their impending spankings as they set up a Civil War battle with Johnny’s soldiers. It was hard not to think about that when you and your best friend were both dressed in tee shirts and underpants.

After lunch, both boys were in the kitchen starting the dishes when there came a knock at the front door and a woman’s voice calling,

“Ruthie … Ruthie … are you home? It’s Janet and Belinda”.

“Come in, come in. I was hoping you might stop by.” Mrs. Wilkins rose and went to greet her old friend, Janet Thompkins, and her seventeen-year old daughter. Billy and Johnny froze in the kitchen and looked at each other with panic-stricken eyes. Since Mrs. Thompkins and her attractive daughter had already stepped into the living room and the stairs to their bedroom lay on the far side of that room, they were trapped in the kitchen.

“You boys keep at those dishes if you know what’s good for you,” Mrs. Wilkins called out without even turning toward the kitchen. By now, the two women had advanced far enough into the living room to be able to see into the kitchen. As soon as Belinda saw them, she began giggling. Mrs. Thompkins also took a long look and said,

“Well, Ruthie, it looks like you have two boys who have a spanking coming after dinner. Who’s Johnny’s little pal?”

“That’s Billy Morgan, Johnny’s best friend from school who is staying with us for most of the summer. The boys disobeyed me by coming home an hour and a half late for dinner last night. So I spanked them and put them to bed early and told them they’d be going over my knee again after dinner tonight.”

“It looks like today is an underpants day,” Belinda commented mischievously.

“That’s right, Belinda,” Mrs. Wilkins replied.

“They certainly look cute, don’t they,” observed Mrs. Thompson.

“Not as cute as they’ll look with red bottoms,” Belinda chimed in with a giggle.

“Belinda, didn’t you have to spank Johnny the last time you babysat for him,” Mrs. Thompkins asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“I did. He tried to sneak down to the kitchen for some cookies after bedtime and I caught him redhanded.”

“That reminds me, Belinda,”, Mrs. Wilkins said, “I will need someone to sit for the boys this weekend. I have to out on Friday and Saturday night and again for most of Sunday between 9:30 in the morning and mid-afternoon. Will you be free?”