Me and the girls

In 1962, when I was 14, I was at my girlfriend’s house playing a board game with her and her younger sister, and her mom was working in the office.

During the game, the younger girl got into a fight with her elder sister, and together they raised so much noise that her mom came in to see what the matter was. She was very upset, and immediately grabbed the younger girl (who was 11), pulled her shorts and panties down and gave her a sound bare bottom spanking over her lap.

My girlfriend naturally didn’t like the idea also being spanked bare bottom in front of me, but her mom ignored her pleas, took down her lower clothing and gave her exactly the same treatment as her sister.

I tried to intervene on my girlfriend’s behalf (even though part of me was excited to see her bare bottom and privates) – but her mother just laughed at me. She told me she would spank her girls when and how she wanted, and so I got to watch my girlfriend getting her now bare bottom soundly tanned over her mom’s lap.

When she was done, to my horror, the mother grabbed hold of me too. She said I was part of the problem, and so I also should be thoroughly spanked. I was so ashamed as she expertly undid my belt, lowered my pants to my ankles and quickly followed them with my underpants.

Like the girls, I was placed over her knee like a little boy and I got my bottom thoroughly warmed for my trouble, right in front of the two girls. She was a good spanker – my buttocks were beetroot red after she had punished me, and I was crying, along with the two girls.

We were all put in a corner each, with our bare red bottoms and private parts on display, and we spent some time there, sobbing quietly and recovering from our spankings.

Eventually, my girlfriend’s mom sent the two girls to their bedrooms and I was told to get dressed and go home. I walked my bicycle all the way back, as I was too sore to sit on it.

It turned out that while I was gingerly making my way home, my girlfriend’s mom had phoned my own mother and told her about my spanking. When I got home, Mom was waiting for me. She was very upset and within minutes I was draped over her own lap, once again getting my bare bottom soundly spanked, this time with her hairbrush.

I went out with this girl for the rest of my freshman year, and her mother also spanked me on another occasion, this time for talking back to her. Once again, the spanking was given bare bottom and in front of both girls.

It’s hard to act like a grown-up high school boy when you are over a woman’s lap, with your pants and underpants around your ankles, as she spanks you until you are bawling and kicking like a naughty boy should.