Half of the Blame

My story goes back to the mid-50s, when my mother and her sister rented a place in Miami Beach for six weeks in mid-February to get away from the cold weather in Chicago.

I was eight years old at the time and my female cousin Cheryl was seven. The sisters were able to get a large, two bedroom apartment one block from the beach. It was like paradise – every day, we would go over to the beach, play in the sand and run into the warm water of the ocean. What fun!

In the afternoons, Cheryl and I would go out to the courtyard and play hide and seek and other childhood games. There was also a park nearby where our mothers would take us so we could play on the jungle gym.

My cousin was quite adventurous and she loved to hang upside down on the parallel bars showing off her cotton panties. Every day they were a different colour, and I marvelled at how cute they were and got quite excited seeing her cute little bottom encased in this underwear.

One day we were outside by ourselves and got called in for dinner. Instead of going right in, we decided to play another game of hide and seek. We lost track of time and some time later, my aunt came out looking for us and she was hopping mad.

She caught Cheryl by her ear and began dragging her to the apartment, slapping her rear as I followed behind. “What did I tell you, little miss?” she demanded, as she continued smacking Cheryl’s bottom. “Someone’s going to be a sorry little girl when I get them home!”

Needless to say, I was terrified. I was no stranger to being spanked myself, but I had been carefully behaving myself ever since the beginning of our trip.

Once inside the house, my aunt went over to the couch. She put Cheryl over her lap, pulled up her play dress and proceeded to really lay into the seat of her panties. My little cousin was bouncing all over her mother’s lap, crying her eyes out and blaming me for wanting to play another game.

My aunt continued to spank Cheryl, then asked my mother to pass her the hairbrush that was on the dresser. Now I was really getting scared but kind of excited, as my aunt proceeded to pull Cheryl’s panties down and gave her a good ten smacks on her bare bottom with the hairbrush. Boy, was it red! I couldn’t help staring at it.

Cheryl continued to bawl her eyes out. She was promising her mommy that she would be a good girl, but also blaming me over and over. Finally her mother let her up, made Cheryl stand in front of her while she was rubbing her well-spanked bottom and continued to scold her.

Needless to say, my mother had been paying close attention to the corporal punishment being meted out. She turned to me and said: “Well, young man, it seems to me that you at least had a half share in this misbehaviour, so it seems only fair that you should get exactly what Cheryl has just been given. Come here to me!”

She sat down on a nearby chair and crooked her finger at me. Very reluctantly, I approached her. There were no half-measures with me. My mom immediately lowered both my shorts and my underpants and I blushed at the thought that Cheryl was getting as good a look at my private areas as I had of hers.

I didn’t have long to think about that, though, as Mom grabbed my left wrist and placed me firmly over her knee, beginning to spank me with her hand almost immediately. My bottom was burning already and I knew I had the hairbrush still to come. I broke down in tears as Mom disciplined me, and I noticed Cheryl, still bare bottomed herself, staring at my own naked rump as it bounced up and down under the hard slaps.

Finally, the moment came. “Hand me that hairbrush, will you?” My aunt obliged and suddenly the temperature in my rump rocketed. It was a whole new world of pain, and I got far more than the 10 strokes which had been applied to Cheryl’s bottom.

Afterwards, we were both sent to bed early in disgrace, with no dinner. Those hungry tummies and sore bottoms made sure both us children behaved like angels for the rest of that holiday.