First and Second

My first and second spankings were both given to me by my mother – about 15 minutes apart – when I was about four years old.

It was morning, and we were in the kitchen. I was sitting at the table in just my T-shirt and underpants. Mom wanted me to eat my oatmeal and I refused.

Finally, she sat down next to me and tried to spoon feed my, just as she had when I was a baby. I wanted nothing to do with this, so I refused to even open my mouth and kept turning my head from side to side.

After a few attempts, mom put the spoon down on the table, reached over for me, grabbed me under my arms and pulled me across her lap.

I had never been spanked before and was completely unaware that I was now going to lose my ‘spanking virginity’. Mom was very gentle and kind – she slapped my butt about six times but it really didn’t hurt much at all, especially through underpants.

She then picked me up and placed me back in my chair. Mom picked up the spoon and once again tried to feed me. Being the spoiled brat that I was, I still refused to eat by keeping my mouth closed and turning my head away.

Mom could not believe it! She said: “I guess we need another spanking” and once more reached out for me. This time, of course, I knew what was about to happen. I tensed up and gripped the sides of the chair so she couldn’t pull me towards her. She firmly told me to let go, but I continued to disobey.

Finally she had to stand up, pull me and the chair up off the floor until my grip relaxed and I came loose. She sat back down, put me once again across her lap, held me very tightly and started spanking me again. This time, the punishment was really hard and lasted a long time. I screamed and cried but it didn’t put her off in the least.

When she was finally done, she put me back in my chair. My bottom was so sore! I was still crying, with tears rolling down my cheeks and my mouth was wide open with the sobbing. Mom again took complete control and while my mouth was open, she put a spoonful of oatmeal in it.

“Eddie, eat everything or I will spank you again,” she warned. At this point it was a little hard to do, but she realised I was trying to obey, so she wasn’t as forceful.

Eventually, she fed me the whole bowl and I ate every single bite obediently.

I don’t remember what happened directly after these first two spankings, but I do remember that when it was time for lunch, I made sure I ate everything on my plate as quickly as I could. Mom was so pleased. She smiled and remarked: “What a good boy!”