Disciplined on Carnival Day

I may have inadvertently given the impression that I received the bulk of the spankings doled out in my family.

The truth is that while I certainly earned and received my share, all of my siblings shared the same fate for similar actions.

This is the story of one of the times at our house, but neither of them were on me.

The Annual Fireman’s Carnival was (and still is!) a big event in this small rural town.

Games, rides, food and friends attract the town to the carnival, and with the proceeds benefiting the group that may some day save your home if not your life the expense is really negligible.

For many of us small town folk this is quite a happening.

For me growing up out here in the sticks – and for the rest of the community – long before the development Disney and Six Flags parks, the rides and amusements were wonderful.

The flashing lights and the carnival barkers were exciting, and the fireworks on the last night along with the drawing of the grand prize raffle ticket were not to be missed.

And so, as we travel back in time together we reach the warm summertime and the last day of the carnival. 

Plans had been made that after dinner we would pick up my grandparents and we’d all go to the carnival grounds for the evening, staying the whole way through the fireworks.

Although I had been taken to the carnival nearly every night for a week, the last night was always special.

I was on pins and needles, barely able to contain my excitement.

My parents were unusually free with money for rides and games since they knew that the fire company benefited from the carnival.

So I was looking forward to yet another visit to the carnival, and Grandma and Grandpa could be counted on for even more rides, games and food!

Shortly after lunch Tammy and Jenny asked if they could ride their bikes to the afternoon ‘matinee’ of the carnival, and after a bit of persuasion Mom agreed that they could go, but must return before 4:00.

Naturally, I made plans to go as well and proceeded to wheedle my way into the trip.

Tammy and Jenny objected immediately….”Mooom! Don’t make us take the baby!

We can’t have any fun if Pam tags along, she’s just a kid!

Pleeease make her stay here, Mooom, Please? She’s just little!!”

I was furious and worked myself into a good snit. I fumed and fussed, but off on their bicycles went Tammy and Jenny, and I was left behind.

Mom tried to patiently explain that I wasn’t quite old enough to ride my bike that far, and that I would still have a grand time with the rest of the family at the carnival that evening, but I was having none of it.

Their snide comments about my being a baby and a tag-along stung me to the core, and Mom’s apparent agreement by not letting me go stung all the more.

As I look back on it now, there is no way I would have let myself go, but at that time I wasn’t afforded this insight! I was as miserable as I could be for the early part of the afternoon.

If Mom wouldn’t let me go to the carnival, I was going to make sure that she was just as unhappy about it as I was. I fussed, stamped, cried a little and generally made a nuisance of myself.

Finally even I tired of my antics, and I settled down for the rest of the day, and spent my energies anticipating the evening.

Shortly after four it was discovered that Tammy and Jenny had not arrive home as instructed.

By four-thirty it was Mom who was in a snit, and by four-forty-five, Dad was dispatched to find ‘your daughters.

’ We were ‘your daughters’ when we were misbehaving, and ‘my girls’ when angelic.

Right now, Jenny and Tammy were ‘your daughters!’ Mostly the carnival grounds were a safe place to be – highly populated by local families and the firemen, but there was always some concern about the carnival roustabouts…’they aren’t from around here, you know.’

Mom was always particularly strict about being home on time, and with their being so late it was no wonder that she was angry, and with those carneys there she was probably just a little worried as well.

Me? I was pretty excited. Tammy and Jenny were in trouble, and I wasn’t! What a rare occurrence!

Me! Sweet and innocent while Tammy and Jenny were in trouble!

What a role reversal!

I was Mom’s shadow, anxiously waiting for Daddy to bring home the two criminals and to listen to them catch it!

“Where are they, Mom? Huh? What are they doing, Mom? Huh? I bet they’re in trouble, aren’t they,

Mom? Huh??” Finally, in exasperation, Mom sent me upstairs.

“You just go upstairs and mind your own business, Miss Nosey.

If anything has happened that you need to know about, I will tell you.”

From my window I saw Dad’s truck return without any sisters.

I scampered to the top of the stairs to hear what was going on, but I could not make anything out of the quiet voices in the kitchen.

Shortly thereafter two bicycles came flying up the lane, bearing two crying ladies.

I learned a little later that Dad had checked the carnival grounds, but had found neither of his daughters.

A quick trip around town had located the two bicycles and their operators at Alison Winter’s house.

In typical Daddy form, he had not loaded the girls and bicycles into his truck but had instead ordered them to get themselves home Immediately.

I know the anxiety they experienced and the amount of adrenaline that must have flowed through their veins as they both tried to pedal those bicycles fast enough to turn the clock backward on their way home.

I’ve been in similar circumstances – anxious to get home as quickly as possible so as to make things better, but afraid of what would be happening to me and my precious little bottom once I did get home.

Two girls came in through the back door and up into the kitchen – one already bawling and the other on the verge of tears.

In short order, both were loudly bawling as Mom read them the riot act.

They were now over an hour late, and aside from being late they were found where they didn’t have permission to be in the first place.

Oh, yeah…that’s another important rule around my house – be where you are supposed to be.

I could here Tammy bawling, at the top of her voice, “But Alison Winter Told us we could stay, Mom! It was Alison Winter who told us to go over to her house, Mom!” Jenny was just crying, but Tammy was building her defense as best as she knew how.

As soon as I heard Mom’s stern voice saying, “Up to your rooms, now, both of you.

Right now, and I mean it. March!”

I scooted back to my room.

I listened with undisguised glee as I hear the two bawling girls scurrying up the steps, and in an instant Tammy was in the room we shared and Jenny had retreated behind her own closed door.

Tammy flopped on her bed, crying the hot tears of a girl desperately hoping that her punishment would consist of being scolded, but realistically worrying that there would be more to follow.

I was queen for the day! I knew in my heart that Tammy was going to be spanked.

I knew that there was a pretty good chance that Jenny would be getting a spanking too.

Ha! Who is the baby now? Where are the ‘big girls’ who are allowed to ride their bikes to the carnival grounds?

This was the vengeance of the very best kind for me! It was wrong, but I couldn’t resist.

Tammy was lying on her tummy on her bed, crying into her pillow, and I was right there beside her, filled with the scandal of the moment…

“Where *were* you?”

“Go away!”

“Why were you late?”

“Get out!”

“You’re gonna get a spankin’, aren’t you?” “Nooo!” Half denial, half prayer.

“Why didn’t you come home?” “Mom’s really mad – so is Daddy!”

“Leave me alone!” “Who is gonna spank you? Mom or Dad?”

“Whaaa! Shut up – go away – leave me alone!” “I don’t have to go.

This is my room, too!”

I looked at my sister’s bottom as she laid there crying.

Her summer shorts were modest, but she had lots of her tan legs bare and, and I knew that her rear would be pretty sore pretty soon even if she did keep her shorts on, which I doubted would happen anyhow.

I couldn’t help myself….  

 They are really mad at you!” “Whaaa!”

“Why didn’t you come back like you should?” “Get out of here, you little brat!”

“You weren’t allowed to go to Alison’s, you were only supposed to go to the carnival!” “Please leave me alone! Oh, boo-hoo!”

“You’re going to get a spankin’ and you’re not going to be allowed to go to the carnival with us tonight for the fireworks or nothin!” “Whaaa!”

I was running out of things to torment her with when I heard someone coming up the steps.

Tammy was lying there crying and I was sitting on my bed, looking angelic and minding my own business when my mother walked into the room.

“Leave us alone, please, Pam, I am going to spank your sister.

Close the door behind you,” she said with quiet politeness and as casually as she would have said that she was going to check Tammy‘s homework.

There, as big as life, in Mom’s hand was the hairbrush – not ‘a’ hairbrush or ‘her’ hairbrush, mind you, but *the* hairbrush!

She wasn’t even trying to hide it behind her or anything – she was carrying it right out in the oopen where everybody could see it – as big and as scary a thing as I had ever seen.

I was beside myself – she said that she was going to spank my sister and she was carrying her hairbrush!

Wow! Tammy was really gonna get it!!

I knew what she used that hairbrush for, though not from personal experience yet, and I knew that the appearance of that brush meant that my prediction of Tammy being spanked without her underwear on was going to come true, too!

Mom’s tradition of always tugging down underpants before applying her hairbrush had already been established with David and Jenny, and there was no doubt that Tammy ‘s panties would be pulled down for her spanking today.

Tammy heard Mom telling me that she was going to be spanked, and her bawling got even louder. Mom forgot all about me and started in on Tammy before I was even out the door.

“Get up, Miss Tamara Hope….” I didn’t pull the door the whole way closed, for I had a plan!

I pulled the door mostly closed, then ducked over into the bathroom and listened.

I closed the bathroom door, but the toilet was the furthest thing from my mind.

I pressed my ear to the door and listened so intently.

As soon as the spanking began I was going to sneak back into the hall and peep in the door that I had closed – as instructed – but maybe not the whole way! Tammy was always a noisy girl when she was due to be spanked.

Her bawling and begging could be heard all over the house – and especially clearly in the bathroom!

Across the hall there was a girl trying her best to avoid a trip across Mom’s knee for a consultation with her brush….

“Please, Mommy! I didn’t DO anything, Mommy, please???”

“You were over an hour late getting home, young lady, and this is not the first time that you have had trouble getting yourself home on time, now is it?

” But it wasn’t my fault we were late, Mommy!! Jenny was supposed to say we had to go home, Mom! Jenny made us late, Mom – not me! “And I had to send your father out to find you…”

“I wanted to come home, but Jenny wanted to stay, Mommy! It’s Jenny ‘s fault, Mommy, not mine!”

“You let me worry about Miss Jennifer, young lady, and you worry about yourself.”

“Nooo! Please don’t Mommy – don’t pull them down, oh, no, please no, Mommy!” “And you were NOT at the carnival, you were playing at your friend’s house.

You Know that you are to stay where you tell us that you will be!”

“That’s not my fault, Mommy! Alison Winter told us to come over to her house!

She told us it would be okay, Mommy!

Alison Winter told us we could play at her house until it was time to go home, Moooom, please!!! Alison Winter….!” ” Alison Winter is not your mother, young lady, and when I tell you something it does not matter what Alison Winter tells you.

I am your mother, and you are going to understand that before I leave this room. Do you understand me?” “But she doesn’t live far away, Mommy! I was, I was, I was….Mommy no!! No, pleasse, Mommy, please , Mommy, I’m sorry, Mommy please????” Oh! Whaaaaa!!!!!”

“You will <spank!>be home <spank!>when I tell you to be home , young lady <spank!>and you will <spank!>stay where you are expected to be <spank!>when you are allowed to go somewhere by yourself <spank!>.”</spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!> “Whaaaa!!!!!!!” Tammy ‘s spanking was in full force now, and I was torn between sympathy and excitement as I listened to my older sister getting a good spanking on what I was sure was her bare bottom.

Her weeping and wailing were sincere and loud, and in my own mind this was a spanking for teasing a little sister, not a spanking for being late and not where she was supposed to be. As much as I had wanted to sneak into the hall and watch, my plan fell apart. I was now too scared to move. What if I got caught peeking?

What if Daddy is standing in the hall and I open this bathroom door? He’ll know I was spying! They would know that I left that door open on purpose! I’d probably get a spanking too, just for spying on Tammy! Finally the fast and furious spanking came to an end, though you couldn’t tell by listening to Tammy still sobbing and bawling as if she were still being spanked.

I could just picture Tammy lying there with her red bottom on display on Mom’s lap, and I was cruelly happy that she had been spanked. “You better learn to get yourself home on time, little lady, <spank!>” I heard Mom say as Tammy ‘s sobs subsided, “Because the next time that you are an hour late I will bring you right back in here for another spanking, Miss Tamara Hope, <spank!>and I will take your underpants down again, <spank!>and I will spank your bare bottom with this hairbrush again <spank!>. Do you understand me?”<spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!> “Whaaaa! Boo-hoo, Yes, Mommy! Boo-hoo, sniff, sniff, I’m sooorrryyy, whaaaa, boo-hoo, sniff, sniff….” I heard the bedroom door close – firmly, and heard Mom going down the hall. A door opened and closed, and a girl started crying. I was scandalized! She was in Jenny ‘s room!

I wanted so badly to go across the hall and see Tammy, but I was still stuck in the bathroom by my fears of being caught, and I was wondering if Mom was going to spank my oldest sister

The voices from Jenny ‘s room were not as loud as from Tammy ‘s, but they were no less sincere. I know that agony that Jenny experienced alone in her room as she heard the scolding and spanking in the next room. I was wondering if Mom would spank Jenny, but Jenny likely knew that she was next. Being the second of two consecutive spankings is almost as bad as being spanked twice

As soon as the door closed, Jenny started bawling out loud. “I’m sorry, Mom. It’ll never happen again, I promise. Honest, Mom, I don’t know what happened, Mom, and I’m so sorry. Please, Mom, please don’t spank me, please?!?”

In many ways we three girls are very similar, but in many other ways we are quite different. When a spanking was due, Tammy always tried to talk her way out of a spanking by loudly bawling and placing the blame on someone else – anyone else. Jenny may have done that when she was little, but I remember Jenny as being much quieter, much more sincere and earnest, and only rarely blaming anyone. She usually just bawled and apologized and promised to be a good girl and asked not to be spanked…well, not so much asked as pleaded! I’m told that I attempted to bargain my way out of my spankings, “If you don’t spank me this time, you can spank me twice as hard if I ever do it again.” Or “If you let me keep my pants on, I’ll pull them down myself if I have to get spanked again!”

Tammy was like the defendant standing in the witness booth loudly proclaiming her innocence and snitching on her co-conspirators. Jenny was the one who pleaded guilty, and threw herself on the mercy of the court, hoping for a reduced sentence due to her contrition. I was the attorney, trying to bargain to a lesser crime and be let off on probation. Unfortunately for us, none of our differing methodologies had much effect on the judges, and the sound spankings were administered in chambers, usually with our panties down.

“You know better than to be an hour late, Jennifer Lynn…”

“I know, Mom, please? I’ll never be late again, I promise! I didn’t know what time it was, Mom, but I won’t let it happen again! Oh, please, Mom, please don’t spank, please?”

“And what made you think you could go over to Alison’s, hmm? You know better than that, little lady. You know better than that.”

“Boo-hoo, Mom, I know! I don’t know why we went there, Mommy! We ran out of money, and we were just going there for a little bit before we came home, Mom. Honest! We didn’t mean to stay! I promise it will never happen again, Mom! I swear it won’t, Mom – Girl Scout’s Honor, Mom!”

“I’ve heard all these promises before, Jennifer Lynn, and now I am going to give you a good reason to keep your promises!”

“Boo-hoo, Mom!!! Please, Mom, not my pants, please? I said I’m sorry, please Mom, no! I won’t ever do it again, Mom, Pllleaseee? Oh! Booo-hoooo!!!

“Noo! No, Mommy, please don’t, please! It will still hurt, Mom, please don’t, Mommy, I’m thirteen now, Mommy, please?!??!?! Please don’t pull them down, too, Mommy, not them too, pleasse???”

“Awwe, Mommy, no! Whhaaaa!!!!”

“You know better than to pull a stunt like this, Jennifer Lynn, <spank!>, and you have been spanked for this before <spank!>, but you will remember this spanking, young lady <spank!>. I trusted you to take your sister to the carnival <spank!>and you run off to the Winter’s house <spank!>and stay over an hour late <spank!>.</spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!>

“I’m sorry, Mommy! Whaaaa…..really, please, no more! Mommy, stop, please!?!?!?!”

I was beside myself as Jenny ‘s spanking started. Jenny didn’t get many spankings anymore, and I was scandalized whenever Mom or Dad spanked her. She was a big girl, you know, and I couldn’t get over her having her panties pulled down and being spanked, but the noises I heard from down the hall told me that Mom didn’t think she was a big girl.

Mom often threatened us with “… a long and hard spanking, young lady…” and that is exactly what she was giving Jenny. I usually didn’t like it when Jenny got spanked since she was almost always nice to me, but today I was happy about it. She had been teasing me about being a baby just like Tammy did, and now she was being spanked like a baby – on her bare bottom and all! I hadn’t yet been spanked with Mom’s hairbrush, and Tammy was just starting to be spanked with it, but I knew that it was just horrible and was the very worst way to get spanked, and it was a little triumph of mine that both Tammy and Jenny were being spanked with it for (in my opinion) teasing me.

As deliberately as Jenny ‘s spanking started, it came to an end again. Jenny was crying hard (and who can blame her?) and Mom just had to lecture her a little more.

“You have been pushing me too far, little lady, and I’m not going to have any more of it <spank!>, do you hear me?<spank!></spank!></spank!>

If Jenny responded at all, it was lost to me in her crying and hiccupping.

“If you think that because you are thirteen years old you can come and go as you please, you better wake up right now because I won’t stand for it, <spank!>do you understand? I won’t stand for it anymore<spank!></spank!></spank!>


“If I have to give you another spanking for something like this, Miss Jennifer Lynn, I will spank your bare bottom again, but even longer and harder, little lady, <spank!>. Even longer and harder <spank!>. Am I clear, young lady?<spank!></spank!></spank!></spank!>

“Waaaaa!!!! Yes, Mommy! I’m sorry, Mommy, no more, please, I’m sorry, please, no more, boo-hoo!”

“I certainly hope so, Jennifer Lynn, because you do NOT want me to give you another spanking, <spank!>I can assure you of that!<spank!></spank!></spank!>

Now I had the visions of two pretty sisters with bare and red bottoms. I bet they are sorry they teased me now, and sorry that they didn’t take me along! They got what they deserved, I thought, and I was just itching to pay both of them a visit to let them know that I wasn’t spanked and that they shouldn’t ever be mean to me again!

Jenny ‘s door opened and closed again, and I cowered behind the closed bathroom door. I heard Mom go past and into her bedroom, probably to return her dreaded hairbrush to her dresser again now that she was done spanking. I was on pins and needles as I waited for her to go back downstairs so that I could go see Tammy and Jenny, and the wait seemed like an eternity.

The knocks on the bathroom door scared me nearly out of my skin! “Come out of there, now, Pamela.” I was caught in my eavesdropping! Caught, by a woman who was really mad and in a spanking mood!

Without even thinking or pretending to be actually using the bathroom for its real purpose I pulled the door open.

“Come along downstairs with me. Your sisters have been punished enough and they don’t need you teasing them. You just come downstairs with me, and we’ll get dinner started.”

Nothing else was said about the spankings, and Mom kept me downstairs until after dinner was over. By then I was getting really gloomy as I realized that my sisters had probably spoiled the whole day and that we would not be going to the carnival for the night as had been planned. I started pouting and asked Dad if we were going to the carnival, and I was so happy to hear that the plans were still on – after all, Grandma and Grandpa were looking forward to it.

Near seven o’clock Mom went upstairs and returned with Jenny and Tammy, both of whom looked quite sheepish. Mom had given them a little pep-talk about what they had done wrong, and that they had been punished and that it was all over. Their misbehavior earlier in the day was not going to effect the evenings plans and they were expected to go along with the family to the carnival, and they were not to sulk or pout or they would be brought home and given another spanking.

It took a while to coax Tammy and Jenny out of their shells that evening, but eventually we were all having a lot of fun. Grandma and Grandpa were free with the money and the snacks and rides were there for the asking. The fireworks were beautiful – at least to a little nine-year-old. I did, being a little brat, tell Grandma and Grandpa that Jenny and Tammy had been spanked, but Grandma just told me to hush – we were here to have fun and not to tattle.

It never occurred to me until many years later what a wonderful favor Mom had bestowed when she didn’t allow me to go with Tammy and Jenny that afternoon, for if I’d been tagging along there would have been three red, feminine bare bottoms in our home that afternoon, and since Mom would be using her hairbrush on two of those little bare bottoms, I’d have likely gone over Daddy’s knee for mine!