Corporal Punishment Administered by a Stranger

A number of years ago when I was younger and lived in Lewes I was spanked by what the papers said was a mystery spanker, This spanker had spanked a number of boys in the local park or waist ground play areas, What he did with me, He put me over his lap and soundly spanked me until I cried.

Do any other members know of any other such cases?


I recall reading about a case in the 1950s where a builder’s laborer took. youth back to his lodgings and belted him on the buttocks.

From memory, the man was charged with common assault and fined by a magistrate.


I vaguely recall a case many years ago when a man unconnected to a school called two high school boys into a school building and caned them during a break. Although the boys submitted they later complained and the man was jailed. This was in the days when school canings were common.


About twenty others boys and I who were all age twelve were slippered with three of the best with a plimsoll by what you would say was a stranger.

It was in 1980, I was on a school trip that lasted a week at a south coastal town, we met up with some other year seven boys from another school and we were all in our respective school uniforms, we were allowed out for the day without any of our own teachers, Now this bit is a bit vague we met this man who said he was a teacher and we thought that he came from each other’s school or was a teacher from a local school which of course he could have been.

This “stranger” gave us a guided tour of the local history spots, he got very friendly with a few of the other boys. When we were at a quiet place on the seafront I noticed we were lining up and I was near the end of the line with friends of mine when I heard the words touch your toes and the sound of three crisp whacks of a plimsoll landing and could tell by the sound it was hurting!, At the end of the line, we thought that some of the boys up front had been naughty or cheeky and were being slippered for punishment.

It was not long before we guessed that all of us were being slippered and I see most if not all the others were in tears, Then it was my turn he said next so I walked up and touched my toes, he pulled back my blazer then when the first crack landed my bottom went numb when the second crack landed my eyes went moist and the third crack made me cry. We were all in tears and our bottoms throbbed for about ten mins or more before we started to recover from the punishment.

He then after we all had recovered escorted us back to the hostel, We never saw him again


I certainly remember playing out with some local friends, for a laugh or dare, some of them had ventured into another person’s garden to take apples. One was caught and whilst being held I heard from one of the other boys that when previously caught on such a misendemour he was promptly slippered by the property owner, a stranger I suppose you could call him. This was in the mid 70’s when corporal punishment was still rife at schools and although I did not ask any questions like how many swats or what position he was forced to take etc, I genuinely have absolutely no reason to disbelieve this story.