Aunt Blanche

Billy Horton found himself spending the warm summer of 1956 at the home of his single, paternal aunt while his parents enjoyed a leisurely tour abroad.

As a somewhat spoiled,boy from a sophisticated urban home, he was rather bitter and resentful at having been left in the care of an unfamiliar relative in a small, rural community.

This was perceived immediately by Blanche Horton. Billy’s attitude was not at all enhanced by the strict behavioral guidelines his Aunt Blanche purposefully listed for him on his arrival.

These included, much to his trepidation; church on Sunday, eight o’clock bedtime, neatness and cleanliness, a lengthy outline of chores that were expected of him daily, and above all, courtesy and respect for adults and neighbors.

Without being specific, Aunt Blanche made the strong point that inattention to the guidelines, or misbehavior of any kind, would be promptly and forcefully met with harsh punishment.

This stern warning having been delivered, Billy soon settled into a grudging and reluctantly obedient relationship with Aunt Blanche. Blanche was keenly aware that Billy crept close to, but not beyond the boundaries which would call for a disciplinary response.

She was watchful, and ready.

Though childless, Blanche was nevertheless quite adept at child and preteen behavioral correction having provided occasional in-home care for children while she was not teaching 5th grade at the nearby elementary school.

In these respects, she took very seriously her duty to correct and discipline those pupils and wards for whom she was responsible.

And in her small community, with it’s strong fundamental values, she was widely appreciated for her diligence.

In fact, Blanche could not put a number on the times she had turned a youngster over her knee, and vigorously spanked their naughty bottoms.

And given the differences in gender behavior, most of the sore bottoms belonged to boys.

As time passed, Billy did manage to make a few casual friends among the boys and girls in the quiet neighborhood surrounding Aunt Blanche’s home.

A common summertime activity for the children was a refreshing swim in the nearby lake after morning chores.

Billy’s new acquaintances pointed out all the neighborhood shortcuts, one of which took them through the back yard of Aunt Blanche’s friend and neighbor, a very attractive young woman named Edith Parsons who, understandingly, had no objection to the benign trespassing.

Edith Parsons was a student teacher at Blanche’s school who, during the summer months, supplemented her income with an evening job at the local paper in order to make the rental payments on the small home Blanche had found for her.

As such, she was home during the days, and at first glance, Billy was smitten and became profoundly infatuated with her.

Edith was aware of Billy’s puppy love, and while she did nothing to encourage it, neither did she find it offensive.

There came a day when Billy was slow with chores, and when his pals called for him to join them at the lake, he asked them to go ahead and he’d be along soon.

Billy had noticed the variety of hairbrushes that Aunt Blanche prominently displayed throughout the house, and he wasn’t willing to test his aunt by failing to complete his chores before play.

Such was her reputation based upon factual, first-person reports from several of his new friends.

“You mean your aunt hasn’t spanked you yet!”, said Tommy Hopkins. “Boy are you lucky.

She paddled me after school a month ago, and I cried all the way home!”

“You better be careful,” exclaimed Judy Norman,

“She caught me taking one measly apple from her tree, and I got a spanking in the backyard.

And she did it in front of all my friends!”

After picking up his room, taking out the trash, and doing morning dishes, Billy was, at last, free to go.

He grabbed a towel, put on a swimsuit, and hastily made his way to the path which took him past Edith Parsons’ open bedroom window.

As he passed by, with Edith ever on his mind, his ears detected the unmistakable sound of a shower, and then, of the shower being turned off.

He was overcome by the temptation to take a peek and see if it would be his lucky day.

What a regrettable mistake that turned out to be! Billy crept silently toward the window, carefully placed his foot on the outside hose bib, and cautiously inched his eyes up to the window with his heart pounding.

Behold, to Billy’s shock and elation, there came Edith, naked and dripping as she reached for a towel in front of a mirrored vanity.

Billy had never imagined such beauty! Edith’s full, upturned breasts, shapely bottom, and flawless skin glowed in the low morning light.

Billy was awed, transfixed, and completely unaware that Edith had caught his reflection in the vanity mirror.

Shocked and furious at Billy’s impudent invasion of her privacy, Edith was nevertheless quickwitted enough to subtly pick up the bedroom telephone extension and take it back into the bathroom without Billy becoming aware.

Swiftly dialing Blanche’s number, she waited for two short rings before hearing Blanche’s familiar, “Hello.” “Blanche,” said Edith frantically, “quickly look out your back window, and tell me if you don’t see Billy peeking into my bedroom.”

After a brief moment, Blanche returned and implored Edith, “Please forgive me for asking, but could you discreetly hold his attention for just one minute? I’ll be right there and you’ll witness the severe punishment Billy is about to receive.”

“All right Blanche,” Edith said nervously, “I’ll try. But please hurry, or I’ll take matters into my own hands.”

As Blanche quickly grabbed the nearest tool of correction, a stiff yardstick, and silently rushed out the door, Edith slipped into a subtly revealing, sheer negligee and seated herself at the vanity.

She kept an elusive eye on Billy and hoped that Blanche would quickly arrive on the scene.

Making her way soundlessly toward Edith’s window and the revolting image of her nephew’s peeking shape, Blanche began to fume.

She was determined to severely thrash his impertinent little bottom.

As she noiselessly approached, aware that she was unnoticed by Billy, Blanche realized that by crouching on the hose bib, Billy’s bottom was thrust out, making an ideal target for her yard stick.

She raised the yard stick to maximum range and with all the energy in her sturdy shoulder, brought it rushing full speed toward Billy’s bottom.

It landed with a resounding “Whack.”

Completely surprised by the sudden and shocking bolt of pain, Billy broke a loud “Yelp!” as he slipped from his perch.

Looking back as he landed, he caught the wicked glare of Edith Parsons’ eyes as she stood by her window with crossed arms.

Not a second later, Aunt Blanche had a vise grip on his ear and began marching him to Edith’s back steps.

“You were warned about the consequences of disrespect for my neighbors, young man,” she scolded, her voice raised in anger and disgust, “But what you’ve been caught doing goes far beyond the worst I could possibly have expected.

You’ve earned yourself the harsh punishment you deserve for such a disgusting transgression.”

The scolding was punctuated with several powerful, cracking, well-placed strokes of the yardstick that brought howls from Billy as they climbed the steps, entered the house, proceeded down the hall, and entered Edith’s bedroom– the scene of the crime, and soon to be the hail of justice.

There stood Edith, imperiously, flushed with rage, hands on hips in the lovely negligee.

“What do you have to say for yourself, you shameful whelp?”

Billy was speechless.

He could not possibly answer and sensed it would be pointless to try to defend himself after being caught so openly.

He was doomed and he knew it. He was going to experience the legendary wrath of Aunt Blanche.

Cranking him around by his ear, Blanche stared directly into his eyes, and with chilling malice in her voice, seethed, “I am going to bare your bottom, turn you over my knee, and give you the spanking of your life, right here in front of Miss Parsons.

And it won’t be over until we’re both satisfied that a week will go by before you’ll be able to sit comfortably.”

Clutched by terror, Billy began to tremble and whimper.

Coolly, Blanche asked Edith, “Dear, do you have a hairbrush I may use for the next ten minutes or so?”

More trembling from Billy as his eyes opened wide and his knees weakened.

“Yes Blanche, and I’m glad you asked,” said Edith as she reached to the vanity and passed Blanche a terrifying instrument– a hand-sized, brightly lacquered, hardwood hairbrush.

Blanche said, “Please seat yourself comfortably Edith.

I know you’ll enjoy what’s about to take place here.”

More trembling, stomach heaving, perspiration forming on his brow.

Time stopped for Billy. Blanche released Billy’s strained ear and sat, straight-backed, in an armless bedroom chair.

Mortified beyond belief, Billy’s whimpers became sobs.

He was roughly thrust over his aunt’s lap, and he thought, Oh no, this is it!

“Please Auntie Blanche! No! No, PLEASE! Miss Parsons, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll never do it again!”

Firm hands gripped, pulled, and pinned his arms behind his back.

“No, No, Please! No!” A pause as Blanche raised the awful hairbrush, saying in a low, deliberately frightening tone, “You will remember this spanking for the rest of your life!”

Whack…Whack…Whack…Whack…Whack…”Ow! Ow-Ow-Oweee-Ouch! No! No, Whack… Whack… Whack… Whack… Whack… More swiftly now, the hairbrush landing with pinpoint accuracy, stinging flairs of pain… “Owwww, Ow, Ow, Owwwww.”

Louder and louder he yelled, yells becoming wails, wails becoming shrieks, tears flowing freely as the strident pace of Aunt Blanche’s forceful arm quickened. Kicking furiously, but pinned firmly to her knee, Billy screamed out his anguish and sorrow, “WAHH-wah! NUH-nuh-nooo! PUH-puh-pleease! STU-stu-stop! Whack!” Whack… Whack… Whack… Whack… Whack.

The blistering strokes were raining down, his bottom on fire from the searing pain.

Billy shrieked, screamed, tears blinding him.

Horrible Whack overlapped every inch of his searing, squirming cheeks from the crown, out, and all over.

Again and again with a staccato rhythm Blanche hammered away at his fiery, red bottom.

He bucked and pitched, but could not free himself.

Edith watched with satisfaction, but also a measure of surprise.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed repeatedly.

She’d spanked before as a sitter, and more recently as a teacher, but the spankings she’d administered had been applied by hand and were of comparatively short duration.

The spanking Billy was receiving was certainly neither of those.

But the boy had earned it.

The painful strokes echoed throughout Edith’s bedroom together with Billy’s howls and shrieks for a minute more, then Edith felt that Billy had learned his painful and humiliating lesson.

“Blanche,” she said, “I think Billy has now paid a sufficient price for his wrongdoing.”

Blanche paused, to Billy’s momentary relief, and vehemently insisted, “Billy, you apologize to Miss Parsons right this instant.”

Billy turned his tear-stained, agonized face toward Edith, but his uncontrollable sobbing made it impossible to utter an intelligible word.

This suggested a reluctance to Blanche.

She became incensed. “I told you to apologize,” she screamed.

Blanche again raised the hairbrush, and with force equivalent to the first punishing swats, she peppered the inside sections of Billy’s bottom.

Whack… Whack… Whack… Whack… Whack…

Screams and tears again erupted from Billy, making the apology he knew he had to voice before his torture would end that much harder.

He tried to gather his breath and spit out the words as quickly as he could, but his aunt was spanking at such a rapid pace that three swats would fall before he could catch his breath enough to scream out each syllable of what translated to, “I’m sorry Miss “

And then mercifully, the ferocious spanking ended. With a sharp tug on his ear,

Billy found himself standing face to face with his furious aunt.

His hands immediately went to his throbbing bottom in a vain effort to soothe the intense pain and burning heat.

His bottom was hot to his touch, terribly swollen, and the skin felt tough and leather-like.

He could barely see through the tears flowing from his eyes, his entire body quaked and shuddered.

He could not control his sobbing and crying as he pitifully gasped for breath.

“Put your hands at your sides,” Blanche demanded. “

I want Edith to clearly see the effects of a good, sound spanking.”

He obeyed, and Edith was astounded.

“Now turn around and face Miss Parsons.

I want to hear a sincere apology from you.

If I don’t, I’ll march you down to the lake and repeat this very same spanking in front of all your friends and everyone else at the beach.”

Meekly, and with sincere contrition and re-morse, Billy turned and raised his eyes to those of Edith Parsons. “P-p-please, M-M-Miss P-P-Parsons…” Sniff, sniff, sniff, shudder, sob… “F-f-forgive in-me f-for b-being n-naughty. I’m s-so ashamed for what I did…” Sniff, sniff, sob, tremble… “I d-deserved to be sp-spanked and I’ll never do anything like this again.”

“Billy dear,” said Edith sympathetically, “I accept your apology.

And I truly hope that don’t get into mischief around me again.

Your Aunt Blanche has just shown me how to deal with you.

You can trust that if you give me cause, I’ll turn you over my knee, the same hairbrush will be in my hand, and I’ll spank your bottom as long and hard as your Aunt Blanche just did.” With a gulp and a sniffle, Billy simply nodded, knowing that Edith would not hesitate to make good on her promise.

Blanche confirmed his fears. “Edith, you have my permission, at any time, and without notice, to paddle this little boy’s bottom at your discretion.”

Then to Billy, “And now young Mr. Horton, we are going home where you’ll spend the rest of the day in your room.

And if I hear one peep out of you, the entire neighborhood will hear you screaming from the next spanking I’ll give you.”

Gripping his hand firmly, Blanche tugged Billy toward Edith’s rear door.

She made no effort to retrieve or replace Billy’s bathing suit which he’d kicked across the room, and he was terrified of what might happen if he said something or tried to get the suit himself.

On their return from the lake, Billy’s friends thought sure they saw an angry Blanche Horton marching someone with a very red bottom into the back door of her house.

The sorry victim looked an awful lot like Billy Horton, they concluded.

While all of them liked Billy, they all felt genuine relief that it was he, not they, who had earned that determined disciplinarian’s wrath.

Billy obediently and timidly spent the remainder of that eventful day in his room, laying face down on his bed, his bottom raised up as high as he could place it, trying to catch whatever breeze might cool it slightly.

He wasn’t sure how Aunt Blanche knew it would take a week for him to sit down without soreness, but it did.

As the summer wore on, Billy tried his best to avoid trouble and the blistering spankings which would surely follow.

But it seemed that Aunt Blanche narrowed the margins of tolerance, and watched him even closer.

She spanked him seven more memorable times that summer.

Gratefully, five of the spankings were administered in private, and while they were probably heard by anyone close to Blanche’s house, at least they couldn’t be seen.

To his great shame, however, Billy was briskly spanked in front of his friends for sassing Aunt Blanche.

And to his absolute horror, he was soundly spanked, in a crowded market because he’d been pouting.

Each of the seven spankings were as excruciatingly painful and humiliating as the first one Blanche had given him in view of Miss Parsons.

And despite his best intentions, he was bewitched by Edith Parsons.

Edith found the need, and paddled his bottom twice with that awful hairbrush.

Billy simply could not suppress the temptation of Edith’s bedroom window, and he paid the wailing, red-bottomed price after both voyeuristic attempts.

Billy was enormously relieved when his parents finally returned and removed him from the agonizing scrutiny of Aunt Blanche.

He thought that was the last he’d see of her.

To his great misfortune however, he was obligated to a shorter visit three years later, and the very thought of it terrified him.

His hopes of being too old to be spanked were quickly dispelled by his strict aunt.