A Spanking-Filled Summer

Johnny didn’t move as he waited for his stepmother to come to the door.

From the outside, he could hear her footsteps as she got closer.

The young boy wanted to run, but the police officer had a firm grip on his shoulder.

“Good morning Ms, I’m Officer Kevin Jarett, are you this young man’s mother?”

“Yes sir,  I’m Jana Thompson.”

“Stepmother,” Johnny said. “Hush,” she instructed.”

“Mrs. Thompson, Johnny was caught with a group of boys lighting firecrackers and setting little fires in the woods,” the office said. “Now, no formal charges have been filed, but the owner has taken out an order to keep the boys off the property. If they go there again, they will be arrested.”

“I understand,” she said. “I can assure you he won’t get in any more trouble.

Of course, he may not be able to sit down for a week, but he won’t cause you any more problems.”

The officer tipped his hat and flashed a slight grin.

“That’s the way my mother would have handled it too,” he said.

“She must have been a smart lady,” Jana said.

“You have a nice day, and thank you again.”

With that Jana led Johnny into the house and right into the kitchen.

Johnny knew that was bad news. Jana had been married to Johhny’s father for about 2 years and had taken over much of the disciplining of her young stepson since Johnny’s father traveled the country covering sports for a major magazine.

Jana was 45 years old but looked 10 years younger.

With flowing blond hair and a body sculptured body from hours spent in the gym,  Jana was still considered to be very hot.

The gym wasn’t the only place she got a workout these days.

For the last eight months or so, she had been using spanking as a method to control Johnny.

At first, she, hesitated since she wasn’t his real mother, but as his behavior seemed to go downhill, she convinced Johnny’s father to let her give it a try.

Jana had used spanking as a method to punish her own daughter up to the time she went away to college, and she was well adjusted.

Johnny knew that being led to the kitchen was bad news since that was the room Jana used carried out his punishments.

“Young man, I’m very disappointed in you,” she said.

“You know we have to leave for the airport to go pick up your sister, and I told you not to get in any trouble.” Johnny didn’t answer.

However, he hated it when Jana called Stephanie his sister.

Although he liked her well enough, he didn’t feel a kinship.

The little pyro thought for a moment since they had to leave for the airport he was going to be saved by the bell.

However, there was no such luck.

 Jana then took a sit in one of the kitchen chairs and ordered Johnny over her knee.

Smack!, Smack!, Smack!, Smack! ,Smack!, Smack!, Smack!,

Jana landed several blows to Johnny’s bottom.

Johnny always cried seconds into his punishment.

This time the spanking stopped fairly quickly.

“Alright, Johnny get up.

Don’t look so happy, young man, we have to get to the airport to get Stephanie.

You are still going to do your corner time when we get back.”

On the way to the airport, Johnny and his stepmother didn’t have too much to say during the 30-minute drive to the airport.

Jana was just excited her daughter was coming home for the summer.

Stephanie had inherited her mother’s good looks and was enjoying college to the fullest.

There was a drawback, however, she was going to school six hours away and rarely got home.

After parking the car, Jana and Johnny raced toward the gate.

“Since I had to spank that little smart bottom of yours, we are probably late,” Jana said.

Johnny was mortified.

Although nobody heard the remark, the little boy thought the entire terminal knew his business.

Jana and Johnny arrived at the gate just as the first passengers were getting off. Stephanie’s seat was somewhere in the middle of the plane and it took her a few minutes to get off.

Once she arrived at the gate, she raced over to her mother with a big hug.

She even embraced Johnny, and unlike the first few times she tried to hug him after becoming his stepsister, he didn’t pull away.

“Hi kiddo, what’s going on.”

“Hi, Stephanie.”

On the way home, Johnny sat in the back so Stephanie and Jana could talk and get caught up on how things had been going since she was last home at Christmas.

About halfway home, Johnny began to fidget in the backseat.

“Boy, what’s wrong with you ?” Stephanie asked with a smile.

“He probably has a sore little bottom,” Jana said.

“It got spanked right before we came to pick you up.

Believe it or not, he almost got arrested for setting off fireworks and trespassing.”

For a moment, the image sent flashbacks through Stephanie’s own mind.

She could still see herself in the kitchen over her mother’s knee.”

“I’m sorry, sweetie,” Stephanie said with a wink.

“Not as sorry as he was,” Jana said.

“In fact, he still has corner time to do when we get back home.”

“Jana not in front of Janice,” he pleaded.

“Oh yes, dear. You know the rules, after a spanking you go to the corner no matter who is in the house,” Janice said.

That was enough. Johnny’s eyes pooled with tears as the thought of being bare-bottomed in front of his stepsister was too much for his little mind to think about.

But Jana didn’t back down.

Even after Johnny struggled to help Stephanie bring in her heavy luggage, get the mail and bring the garbage cans in off the curb, his stepmother shattered his plans that his good behavior and attitude would get him off the hook.

“Johnny, I know what you are trying to do, and I am pleased with your good behavior over the last hour, but it’s time to get into the corner.

Now, don’t make me spank you again first.” Johnny knew he was beaten, and for the second time that day, with a firm hand, she led him into one of the corners of the kitchen.

“Your sister and I are going to make some lunch for us, and when its ready you may get dressed and join us, but not until.”

Stephanie tried not to stare too much at her little stepbrother.

However, it was physically impossible not to get an occasional glance as she reached for things in the pantry and fridge to help her mother make lunch.

While Johnny was serving his corner time sentence, Stephanie got permission from Jana to give Johnny a present.

“Here sweetie, this is for you.” Johnny was like any little boy, he loved presents.

He quickly turned around forgetting he was pantless. Stephanie had brought her young stepbrother a T-shirt with her college’s name printed on the front and his name on the back.

As the little boy grabbed the package he realized, he was showing off more than his bare bottom, and quickly turned back toward the corner.

“Thank you,” he managed to say. “You’re welcome. Johnny, it’s okay.

You don’t have to be embarrassed.

I’ve done lots of corner time in my day, too.”

Finally, Johnny was let out of the corner and allowed to get dressed. It wasn’t the last time, he got spanked that summer.

He even found himself, over Stephanie’s knee one time on a night she was babysitting.