A Memory of the Belt

It was a warm summer afternoon that I’ll never forget.

I was down in the den, laid over my stepmom’s lap.

My stepmom Julie was about to inflict the first lash of a spanking with a doubled-up leather belt when the doorbell rang.

“Don’t you move!.

I’ll be right back,” Julie ordered.

Seconds later, I heard two voices as my stepmom descended the stairs to the den on the lower level of the house.

I quickly recognized the other voice as Julie’s best friend and next-door neighbor Barbara.

“Let me get this spanking over with Barabra and we’ll go have a cold beer,” Julie told her.

“I’m glad you came over.

This spanking will do him more good with you present.”

I was already humiliated enough, and now I flinched as Barabara sat down in a chair directly across from me.

Then came the first swish as Julie layed the belt onto my rear end.

Ooh, how the belt hurt as it landed over and over!

Then just as my tears started flowing, I looked over at Barbara, whose wry grin told me she was enjoying every moment of my ordeal.

Finally, after the last lash had been administered,

Julie allowed me to go to my room where I was to stay until dinner.

After the pain subsided somewhat, I focused back on what I had just experienced.

For many weeks, I often thought about being spanked in front of Barbara again, and then the memory began fading away.

Then one weekend at the end of that same summer while my parents were away, I stayed with Barbara and her daughter Jill.

We were watching TV the first evening when I started to argue with Jill about what TV program to watch.

Barbara was very upset at my outburst and told me that she would tell my parents when they returned.

Spontaneously, I said, “Barbara,

I’m very sorry.

I’m sure I’ll get a spanking when my parents get back,

but I’d feel better if you would do it now so we can get it over with.”

Barbara patted her lap and motioned me to lie across her lap.

When Jill returned to find me bent over her mom’s lap she had a surprised, but pleased look on her face.

The belt Jill brought was quite wide and the sting and bite of the first few lashes really hurt.

Barbara spanked me hard and I was being sent to my room after the spanking, tears of pain were streaming down my face.